Limited offer – 20% off your first month if you hire a developer for at least 2 months

Dedicated developer

The demand for software as a service (SaaS) has seen an increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. The technology businesses which offer such software are finding this demand difficult to satisfy quickly. In particular, chilliapple has seen a rise in the number of software & technology service providers to medical and food suppliers, distributors ander the software is built in MEAN/MERN, Laravel or Xamarin, the need for ex producers who urgently require extra development resource. Whethpert developers to hit client deadlines has rocketed.

chilliapple clients who hire our developers know they can trust them to hit the ground running. They are highly skilled and certified and can fill a temporary or long-term gap with the HR responsibility sitting firmly with us.

So why not trust chilliapple to provide the extra development resource you need during this frantic period so you can continue to deliver on the promises made to your clients?

We are offering 20% off the first month if you commit to hiring one or more developer for at least two months. Prices start at £280 per day dependent on the contract length but find out more about our Dedicated Developer service.

Why not look at what some of our happy customers say about us and then join them along with hundreds of other clients who trust chilliapple’s developers to step in as required? Whichever platform you use, we have experts available to help. Our offer is for a limited period only so contact us today.

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