OpenCart 3.0 – The Good Becomes Better


The latest version of OpenCart, OpenCart 3.0 has been launched and it’s better, more user-friendly and easier to manage than the previous 2.3.x version. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at what OpenCart 3.0 has in store.

OpenCart 3.0 has a lot of under the hood upgrades with some changes in the front-end. There are also many fresh additions in the extensions pertaining to Marketplace and Translations.

Earlier the OpenCart Marketplace could only be accessed through their official site. Now, with OpenCart 3.0 you can directly access the marketplace via the admin panel of your OpenCart store. This has made the process of browsing and installing all the themes and modules from your store admin much easier. Other additions include:

  • Standard search function along with other filters to help refine the search
  • Categories such as All, Free or Paid, that can be used to narrow down the search results.

OpenCart 3.0 now comes with language translation feature. The latest version support many languages that can be accessed in the ‘Available Translations’ field from where you can manage the languages for which you need translation. This feature will facilitate easy language management for all the ecommerce stores around the globe.

Design section has also been upgraded with the addition of a Theme Editor and a Language Editor. These major additions have not only simplified the customisation of a store but has also empowered the admin to have a total control over the store.

Theme Editor
The Theme Editor in the new version has a user-friendly interface that makes the editing task much easier even for the users who have little or no technical & coding knowledge.

Beside this, for the store owners having multi-store setup, the customisation process has become much easier. You can simply modify your store design from our original installation. All you have to do is simply choose the store you want to customise and begin with the customisation process.

OpenCart 3.0 offers a lot of improvements and additions in terms of numerous features that aim to make the experience enjoyable for both store administrators and users. So, why wait? Upgrade your store to the latest version and see your store perform better than before.

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