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The client approached Chilliapple with the brief to create a native Android mobile application to complement their existing iOS app. After studying Bumpies iOS and its features, and working with the client to establish the long term requirements, Chilliapple recommended that the application be rebuilt in the Xamarin hybrid platform. This solution enables greater cost efficiencies for future development whilst still providing customers with a native quality user experience. The new app attracted over 1,000 installs on the Google Play Store within 10 days of launch.


  • Convert the existing iOS application Xcode for Android to make Bumpies available to a wider audience.
  • Enable cost savings for future development of new features, by using Xamarin technology to create one application serving both platforms.
  • Provide an interface for users to enter their details, and due date using a calendar.
  • Ensure a smooth user experience for users to securely download their baby scans from the database via a code, and to take ‘Bumpies’ via the in-built camera functionality.
  • Enable push notifications via user permissions to remind users to take that week’s ‘Bumpie’.
  • Install FFMPEG on the client’s server to convert the images into a timelapse video that can be downloaded and shared with friends on social media.
  • Provide external links so that the user can book further scans on the website, or visit the clients’ social media pages.
  • Integrate Firebase to enable Google Analytics.


  • Latest Framework (Xamarin)
  • Robust Coding Standards
  • Substantial Presence Among Users
  • FFMPEG Installation
  • Firebase Integration
  • Engaging User Interface

Our Strategy

With a stable native iOS application already on the market and the expansion of the user base the priority for the client, Chilliapple expedited the development of the Android Xamarin build. The hybrid iOS equivalent followed soon after with a heavy focus on the design and user experience matching that of the native app. Window To The Womb’s customers have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback to the new release, whilst also offering suggestions for new features. Chilliapple are now consulting with the client over further enhancements which will be made available on both operating systems in the coming months.

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