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ChilliApple experts were tasked with developing a fresh and responsive website for the client. The project entailed development and designing a dynamic website that would showcase the client’s business strength, presenting services and brand values in an engaging manner. To get better insight into the client’s business sector, we met with the client and developed a blueprint was prepared. The blueprint comprises the proposed design, development platform (CakePHP), strategies to be adopted for the development, templates to be used, outlined expectations and agreed delivery period. Alongside the front-end, the project also required the development of an extensive admin panel that would allow the administrator to control the majority of the elements on the website including events, tour information, featured tours, itinerary and hotels.


  • Develop a contemporary-looking dynamic website that would perfectly capture the essence of the client’s business and provide a dynamic platform for the client to pitch their services to the target audience.
  • Ensure a responsive website that would easily adapt to mobile browsers and mobile display, giving great browsing experience across all the devices irrespective of the operating platform.
  • Design a feature-rich, interactive design for the website to deliver a refined user experience.
  • Ensure smart use of all elements of CakePHP (hosting platform) to facilitate a smooth interaction among all the resources and perfect front-end back-end interaction.
  • Integrate a comprehensive search panel, enabling site visitors to effectively narrow down their holiday plan search as per their specific needs and requirements.
  • Include HD graphics and clear imagery throughout the website for a dynamic user experience.
  • Integration of a detailed Contact Us form, secured with a captcha to guarantee genuine enquiries and set up a robust and secure communication channel with the admin panel to ensure no enquiries are lost after submitting.
  • Integration with popular social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, to widen the reach among the online audience.
  • Develop a robust admin panel, equipping the administrator with the capabilities to control the prime elements of the website along with an autonomy over functions such as Itinerary, Events and Pricing, Reviews, Hotels, Gallery, Booking Details and Google maps.

Platform Used

Platform Used


  • CakePHP Platform
  • Interactive Templates
  • Comprehensive Search Box
  • Contemporary Designing
  • HD Images
  • Robust Admin Panel
  • Easy to Manage Interface
  • Strong Coding Elements
  • Integration Tools

Our Strategy

The project demanded the design and development of an interactive website that would enable the client to easily reach out to their clients. Considering the requirements listed by the client during the meeting, brainstorming sessions between the design and the development team leads drove the project forward. CakePHP was agreed as the hosting platform and the development process was completed, delivering an attractive and clutter free look that is easy to navigate yet keeps the inherent brand values characteristics.

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Web Design


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Web Design

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