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Freeman & Harding already had a website but was lagging behind in terms of latest technology, their hosting platform, performance, speed and engagement among other issues. ChilliApple was approached by the client to revamp their website, making it responsive for mobile browsers and upgrading it to the latest version of hosting platform. The project also required support and maintenance to ensure a continuous speed-optimised performance of the website. The project development was guided by an analysis of the website for all the major focus areas and a client briefing. The resultant analysis document brought together the project strategy, tools and software requirements, agreed on expectations and expected date of delivery.


  • Analysis of the coding and all the elements of the website to assess the reason for the reducing operating capabilities and diminishing UX/UI performance.
  • Prepare a detailed report underlining the areas of concern and an effective strategy plan to ensure that the website operates at its maximum potential.
  • Modify the interface of the website to make it responsive and ensure a seamless performance on mobile devices.
  • Make necessary changes in the HTML of the website and inject additional codes to make it responsive and ensure a flawless perform across all mobile devices irrespective of the platform.
  • Upgrade the hosting platform of the website. The website has been running on an outdated version of PrestaShop and was facing issues pertinent to the older versions. The website was upgraded to the latest version of PrestaShop to ensure an optimised performance.
  • Analyse the website and identify other major areas of concern causing diminished performance and speed issues.
  • Include latest resources and technological inputs to ensure a quick-loading responsive website with a user-friendly interface.
  • Devise an effective support and maintenance plan for an enduring performance and ensure that the website operates at its maximum potential.
  • Retain the inherent characteristics of the client business and brand and lend augmented UI/UX capabilities to the website.

Platform Used

Platform Used


  • Detailed analysis report
  • Judicious maintenance strategy
  • Inject codes for improved performance
  • Modifications for responsive interface
  • HTML standardisation tools
  • Optimised operating capabilities
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Dedicated resources
  • Support and maintenance

Our Strategy

The website needed a proactive approach to improve the operating capabilities and optimise it to provide the best user experience and enhanced interactivity, along with responsiveness and upgrade. The project started with the upgrade of hosting platform to the latest version of PrestaShop. This removed many obstructing elements and glitches that had been affecting the performance of the website. Next step was to inject fresh codes and include latest elements to ensure a responsive website that would adapt to mobile browsers. The final phase of the project entailed support and maintenance task, when we improved the UI/UX, elimination of junk files and unnecessary cache data to ensure the optimum performance of the website.

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Web Design


Web Design


Web Design

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