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The client had a well-established e-commerce website with good online viewership. The website has been designed in a dynamic black tangerine theme, along with a clear font for content and high definition imagery. The ChilliApple team was approached by the client to adapt their website for optimised viewing on mobile devices. In order to make the website mobile responsive, a robust website analysis was undertaken. The client has also been facing some issues with the shipping module integrated on the website and so we handed the project over to our Support & Maintenance team.


  • Analyse the website for vulnerabilities and make changes if needed to ensure a high-performance website.
  • Make the website fully mobile responsive, irrespective of display size or operating platform.
  • Inject the necessary code fragments into existing website coding and make sure there is no conflict between the new and the old coding fragments.
  • Ensure proper design of all website elements and create a smooth flow for a seamless browsing experience on mobile devices.
  • Track issues being faced by the existing shipping module (sometimes the shipping information was not displayed or were getting lost) and sketch out the best way to deliver a perfectly operating shipping module.
  • Rectify the integration of the shipping module by removing and re-integrating it properly for flawless performance.
  • Perform testing of the website to ensure zero errors and maximum website performance.
  • Retain the inherent characteristic of the client’s website and ensure retention of search engine rankings and brand values of the client’s business.

Platform Used

Platform Used


  • Analysing Tools
  • Crawling Tools
  • Fresh Codes
  • Testing software
  • Integration Tools
  • Strong Coding Elements
  • Integration Tools

Our Strategy

The client approached us with two main tasks that were to be carried out on their website. Firstly, to make the website responsive, providing a smooth and seamless browsing experience over mobile devices. Secondly, to overcome issues with the existing shipping module. Our Support & Maintenance team inserted fresh code segments into existing code of the website and so delivered a fully responsive website. Full integration was completed by re-integrating the shipping module to resolve the shipping-related issues.

Web Design


Web Design


Web Design


Web Design

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