Our App Support Packages

Our application maintenance and support packages offer a way to keep your app updated behind-the-scenes with the latest Framework versions and iOS and Android updates, while you can plan what’s coming next with additional development resources included! We offer proactive application maintenance services, with extra insights and analytics included in the Enhanced package. We will do an initial app review to provide bespoke package prices, please get in touch to find out more.

  • What’s

  • Account Manager Your Account Manager is the catalyst that makes things happen. Contactable by phone, email, Basecamp and Skype, they’ll keep work on schedule and liaise with you over feedback, suggestions, and new requirements for your app.
  • Basecamp Access Basecamp is chilliapple’s project management tool of choice. It’s easy to use and provides a forum for discussion between your team and ours, either to discuss progress on a project and collate feedback or to scope out new requirements. Your Account Manager, Developer, QA Manager and Development Team Lead will have visibility of all communication on Basecamp. Each Monthly Report will be posted here.
  • Framework Version Updates The app will be updated in line with the latest framework versions, up to twice a year. Any libraries used will also be updated to the latest versions, ensuring your app is kept up to date with the latest technology, and minimising the chance of bugs appearing.
  • iOS & Android Version Updates The app will be upgraded to maintain compatibility with the latest Operating System updates from Apple and Android. SDK updates for Android will be included in this. This ensures compatibility with users’ devices and will avoid conflict during deployments.
  • Maintain database PHP updates are an integral part of maintenance to keep any app running smoothly and securely. They will be carried out as and when new versions become available, usually twice per annum. chilliapple will work with your hosting provider to update the version and test the site fully for any incompatibilities.
  • CMS Maintenance Ensuring the CMS or app admin panel is updated alongside the app is important for keeping the app safe, secure and optimised
  • Down Time Monitoring We will add your app to a tool that we use to monitor downtime. It will monitor the status of the app’s APIs, and will alert us as soon as there is an issue. Please note that downtime is usually server-related, but if we are aware of it then the alerts can be sent out where necessary.
  • Progress Calls Building relationships with clients is a pivotal part of our support, and we want you to see us as an extension of your in-house team. To facilitate a great working relationship, and to keep on track with updates, progress, and new discussions, we will schedule monthly progress calls.
  • Strategy Meetings With our Enhanced Support Package option, we pre-book bi-annual strategy calls. Your Account Manager will work with you to discuss the roadmap for your app, and put together a plan of action for how to achieve this.
  • Customer Behaviour Tracking Behaviour analytics provides an understanding of how users interact and engage with your product, giving you insights into their experience. By understanding your users’ journeys, you can offer an enhanced user experience that aligns with their needs.
  • UX/UI Design Audit Having a great app design is vital for a great performance. If the user journey is complicated, this can affect usability, which means you will lose user retention. As part of our Gold support package, one of our in-house designers will provide a written audit of the current user experience and make recommendations for changes/improvements that could be made. They will then create 3-5 pages of mock-ups to show the new layouts with the suggested improvements applied.
  • Monthly Report Each month you’ll receive a report detailing the work that has been undertaken on your app in the month previous, along with a selection of recommendations from our team based on insights from third-party tools and established best practices. This report will be signed off by your Developer, Development Team Lead and Account Manager.
  • Change requests & bug fixes Within your subscription you’ll have a balance of development hours for the 12-month Term to use however you choose, including for design tweaks, and bug fixes. Any excess development hours used outside of the inclusive bank of hours will be charged additionally at the discounted hourly rate in line with your chosen package. Any unused hours will not be included in your renewal.
  • Monthly package cost**

**subject to working hours Monday-Friday, and National/Bank Holidays. Please refer to Terms & Conditions
**all rates subject to VAT for UK businesses

Our Services

Website Enhancements

Bespoke app support

We recognise that every app is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all for app support. This is why our app support packages are tailored specifically for your app. After the initial code review, we will advise on a bespoke app support package to maintain and develop your app. This will include everything required to keep it up to date and compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android.

System Upgrades to CMS

Application maintenance services

App maintenance is crucial to maintain a functioning app that your users can use as and when they need to. chilliapple’s app support packages offer a solution to ensure bugs are kept on top of and your app will maintain compatibility with the latest iOS and Android releases.

Security Updates and Improvements

Application Integration

Sometimes it is necessary to integrate with third-party software for an app to function. chilliapple provide expert integration services for apps, ensuring that any collaboration is seamless and cohesive. If you’re on an app support package, then application integration can be included within the development hours available to you.

App Upgrade Services

App Upgrade Services

App upgrades are a core feature of the app support packages. We will upgrade your app to the latest Framework version (whether that’s React Native, Flutter, or Native iOS or Android) once they’re released, plus we will ensure compatibility with any new iOS or Android operating systems that are released. All of this will be done behind the scenes; we will just let you know there is an updated version of your app available to test and deploy.

Feature Enhancements

Feature Enhancements

This is the exciting part; new features! Included with the app support packages are a block of development hours for you to enhance your app with new and improved functionality, features or design enhancements. We will support the growth of your app along the development roadmap, all within the monthly support package.

App Monitoring Services

App Monitoring Services

As part of the app maintenance service, we offer customer behaviour tracking, so you can see how your users are behaving on the app, track user journeys, see heatmaps of popular points of interaction and be alerted by frustration signals. We also include downtime monitoring so we are alerted if the app has any downtime or there is a break anywhere between the app and its database.

What our clients say

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your support contracts valid for?

Each support package is a 12-month term.

I have several apps. Do I need a support package for each?

Our Account Management team will be happy to discuss options with you if you have more than one app.

Can chilliapple still work on my app if I don’t have a support package?

Yes, we have another support option available called ‘Development Block Hours’. Ask our Account Management team for more information about this service.

Can I cancel my package?

We’re confident you won’t want to with over 95% of our clients renewing our support services. Each contract is a 12-month term that cannot be cancelled during the term length. If you do not wish to renew for another term, please get in touch with your Account Manager with a minimum one-month notice period.

Can I upgrade my package once it starts?

Yes, with one month’s notice at any time. Just speak to your Account Manager!

Can I downgrade my package once it starts?

No, packages cannot be downgraded during the 12-month term

This sounds great, how do we get started?

Please liaise with our Account Management team regarding your chosen package, and they will supply you with the relevant terms and conditions, and signatory documents and will start the onboarding process.