Web Apps in a Native App Shell

If native apps improve speed and maximise features to provide unparalleled user experience and web-based apps are an cost-effective way to provide compatibility across different platforms, then imagine the benefits of building apps with web app technologies but installed on a phone like a native app.

Hybrid mobile app development combines the best of both native and web apps and gives you access to a wider audience.


Our Hybrid App Development Services

We use the very latest frameworks to deliver the best in class, future-proof hybrid mobile apps. Our app developers build across multiple platforms and are trained on the most up to date software to ensure your hybrid app development meets your current business objectives and is adaptable for the longer term.

React Native App

Our team of mobile app developers create a consistent and engaging user experience across iOS and Android mobile platforms. Alongside a design built with your users in mind, our React Native app developers create scalable mobile apps that are secure and stable to maximise performance and business productivity.

Flutter App

Created by Google, Flutter is a Software Development Kit that our mobile app developers can use to create applications for iOS and Android by using a single code-base. It comes with everything that is needed for cross-platform hybrid app development.

Hybrid App Migration

If you have an existing, under-performing mobile application or a hybrid app sitting on old technology that needs a revamp, our mobile app development experts can work with you to migrate to a platform that is fit for purpose and the future.

Hybrid App Maintenance

We have plenty of support packages to suit all budgets and hybrid app build complexities. Our advanced hybrid mobile app monitoring system will continuously check response times, crash analytics and system uptime to ensure business continuity.

Looking for help with your Hybrid App Development?

Why choose chilliapple as your Development Agency?

We have a successful track record of hybrid mobile app development in the UK and clients love our fair prices and unrivalled expertise.

  • Our hybrid app developers work only for chilliapple. We never outsource.

  • We invest in training and development and ensure our experts are skilled in the latest technologies and versions.

  • We charge fair, competitive pricing.

  • We have been established since 2008 and are masters of our craft.

Why Build a Hybrid rather than Native App?

  • Hybrid apps offer a cost-efficient solution to businesses on a budget.

  • Hybrid apps are faster and less expensive to develop than native apps

  • Delivery time is quicker because there is one developer and one version of the hybrid mobile app to develop.

  • Maintenance of the application is easy because a single code base allows easier and faster updates.

  • Updates and fixes are only performed on a web server without user intervention. Native applications need the user to manually update the application.

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