Our Packages

Our support packages mean you can rely on chilliapple to keep your website up to date and continually optimised. So rather than worrying about fixing or improving your online shop, you can concentrate on what you do best: growing your business. We offer a more proactive, consultative approach to supporting your website.

  • What’s

  • Development site setup We’ll create an exact replica of your live site on our development server. This is where we’ll conduct all work so that we can run it through our internal QA process, and give you the opportunity to review and approve the changes, before we deploy them live.
  • Account Manager Your Account Manager is the catalyst that makes things happen. Contactable by phone, email, Basecamp and Skype, they’ll keep work on schedule and liaise with you over feedback, suggestions and new requirements for your website.
  • Platform version updates If your site is built on an Open Source platform such as Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce or WordPress, then it’s important to keep the platform version up to date with official patches. Not only does this update core files to fix known bugs and optimise the system, but security patches are also included to keep yours and your customers’ personal data protected. Sites will be updated to the most recent platform version within one month of each release.
  • Module version updates Your site is almost certainly using a variety of third-party modules (also known as plugins or extensions) to perform various functions. These modules must be kept updated in line with your platform version, so as not to compromise security or cause conflict with other modules. On occasion this may require that we liaise with the developer of the module directly, or we may recommend you go with an alternative module which is better supported.
  • Bug fixes & change requests Within your subscription you’ll have a set number of monthly development hours to use however you choose, including for design tweaks, module installations and bug fixes. Your Account Manager may also make suggestions for improvements based on recommendations from our team.
  • Critical request response time* From time to time you might have an urgent issue with your site – payment gateways or essential modules failing, the site going down entirely, or signs of a malicious attack. Within your chosen package we’ll provide a guaranteed response time to start looking into and resolving the issue.
  • Security scanning We’re partnering with a leading cybersecurity provider to scan your site for vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis, and make recommendations to guard against malicious activity. You’ll receive details of each scan within your monthly report.
  • Monthly speed optimisation Websites can become slow over time, which is detrimental to user experience, conversion rate and organic search rankings. We’ll use third-party tools to assess the performance of your site every month, and implement the recommendations to keep it performing to its maximum potential on mobile and desktop.
  • Monthly SEO health check Our SEO Manager will guide an expert eye over your website and use a variety of third-party tools to audit its SEO performance. Within your monthly report you’ll receive a breakdown of recommendations to ensure potential customers are finding your site.
  • Monthly payment gateway checks We’ll run test payments through your site’s payment gateway(s), and check that they’re working as they should.
  • Monthly core flow & process checks We’ll check any other critical functions on your site, both frontend and backend, such as login, registration, order confirmation emails, scheduled crons, ERP and stock feeds.
  • Documentation of customisation When we inherit a site that has been built by or worked on by another developer, it’s quite common to find that it has been customised with bespoke code, often without any accompanying documentation. In such cases we’ll take the time to study it and write our own documentation. This allows us to understand its exact functions and its interdependencies with the rest of the site, so that any future issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. If we create any custom code ourselves as part of your gold package, we’ll write documentation to accompany it.
  • Monthly competitor analysis From month one your Account Manager will evaluate the websites of your three suggested competitors. This will include reports on the sites’ design and function, product line focus, sales and discounts, omnichannel sales and other marketing activity. Each month they will revisit those competitors and highlight any changes from the previous month, and make recommendations to ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve.
  • Additional work billed at** Occasionally you may want to undertake a larger project that falls outside the remit of our Support Subscriptions, such as a design refresh or custom module build. In such cases you’ll benefit from a cheaper standard development rate in line with your package tier. These rates cover your whole account and not just one website, so if you need an entirely new site or app created you’ll make a significant cost saving.
  • Monthly report Every month you’ll receive a report detailing the work that has been undertaken on your site, along with a selection of recommendations from our team based on insights from third-party tools and established best practice. This report will be signed off by your Developer, Development Team Lead and Account Manager.
  • Monthly subscription cost**

*subject to working hours Monday-Friday, and National/Bank Holidays. Please refer to Terms & Conditions.
**all rates subject to VAT for UK businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have several websites. Do I need a support subscription for each?

A: We will be happy to discuss options with you if you have more than one website. If your site is utilising multistore functionality, however, then only one subscription is required.

Q: Can chilliapple still work on my website if I don’t have a subscription support package?

A: Yes, but we cannot make any guarantee of response time as clients on support packages will always be placed at the top of the priority list. If you’re not on a support subscription then any work will be charged at a minimum standard day rate of £400 + VAT with further hours charged at £50 + VAT.

Q: Can I make changes to the site myself?

A: You’ll still have full control over your site’s Admin section, as you do currently, to update site content. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to make development changes or install new modules yourselves. We’ll handle all changes on our development environment which you can check prior to deployment.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: We’re confident you won’t want to! But just in case, there will be a one month notice period after a minimum 12 month contract term.

Q: Can I upgrade my subscription once it starts?

A: Yes, with one month’s notice at any time.

Q: Can I downgrade my subscription once it starts?

A: Yes, with one month’s notice after a minimum 12 month contract term.