Our Website Maintenance Packages

Our website support packages mean you can rely on chilliapple to keep your website maintenance in check and your eCommerce website or WordPress site up to date and continually optimised. So rather than worrying about fixing or improving your online shop, you can concentrate on what you do best: growing your business. We offer a more proactive, consultative approach to supporting your website with website maintenance costs that are affordable and fair.

  • What’s

  • Account Manager Your Account Manager is the catalyst that makes things happen. Contactable by phone, email, Basecamp and Skype, they’ll keep work on schedule and liaise with you over feedback, suggestions, and new requirements for your website.
  • Basecamp Access Basecamp is chilliapple’s project management tool of choice. It’s easy to use and provides a forum for discussion between your team and ours, either to discuss progress on a project and collate feedback or to scope out new requirements. Your Account Manager, Developer, QA Manager and Development Team Lead will have visibility of all communication on Basecamp. Each Monthly Report will be posted here.
  • Platform Version Updates The site will be kept up to date with the most recent Platform patches. Not only does this update core files to fix known bugs and optimise the system, but security patches are also included to keep your and your customer’s data protected. Sites will be updated to the most recent platform version within one calendar month of each release.
  • Module Version Updates Your site uses a variety of third-party modules (also known as plugins or extensions) to perform various functions. These modules must be kept updated in line with your Platform version, so as not to compromise security or cause conflict with other modules. On occasion, this may require that we liaise with the developer of the module directly, or we may recommend you go with an alternative module which is better supported.
  • PHP Version Updates PHP updates are an integral part of maintenance to keep any site running smoothly and securely. They will be carried out as and when new versions become available, usually twice per annum. chilliapple will work with your hosting provider to update the version and test the site fully for any incompatibilities.
  • Development Site chilliapple will take a copy of your live site on our development server. This is where we’ll conduct all work so that we can run it through our internal QA process and allow you to review and approve the changes before we deploy them live
  • Development Site Update To make development work more efficient and ensure that any previous changes are not overwritten, we must keep the development site up to date. We’ll take a fresh copy of the live site (provided that no pending development tasks are waiting to be made live) to ensure we’re working from a recent replica.
  • Security Scanning We are partnered with leading cybersecurity providers to scan your site for vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis and make recommendations to guard against malicious activity. You’ll receive details of each scan within your monthly report. As an open-source platform, chilliapple does not guarantee, and is not liable, for the complete security of the site.
  • Down Time Monitoring We will add your site to a tool that we use to monitor downtime. It will be checked every 5 minutes, and if it goes down, we will be alerted right away, allowing us to respond quickly. Please note that downtime is usually serverrelated, but if we are aware of it then the alerts can be sent out where necessary.
  • Performance Health Check We will add your site to a tool we use to monitor website performance. It's a good indicator of what search engines such as Google might evaluate when ranking your site. Even if your performance is great, you want to ensure your site is accessible, follows best practices, and has good SEO scores. We will then advise on the available recommendations to keep the site performing to its maximum potential on mobile and desktop. chilliapple does not guarantee a certain level of performance as some things are beyond the control of chilliapple development such as JavaScript, HTML files and virtual DOM size as well as server/hosting restrictions, design assets and functional requirements of the website which may be utilising third-party resources such as themes and plugins, or even the platform itself. There must be a balance between the preservation of form and function, and performance.
  • SEO Health Check Our SEO Manager will guide an expert eye over your website and use a variety of third-party tools to audit its SEO performance. Within your monthly report, you’ll receive a breakdown of recommendations to ensure potential customers are finding your site.
  • Progress Calls Building relationships with clients is a pivotal part of our service, and we want you to see us as an extension of your in-house team. To facilitate a great working relationship, and to keep on track with updates, progress, and new discussions, we will schedule either monthly (Silver Support) or fortnightly (Gold Support) progress calls.
  • Strategy Calls With our Gold Support Package option, we pre-book bi-annual strategy calls. Your Account Manager will work with you to discuss the roadmap for your website, and put together a plan of action for how to achieve this.
  • ReCAPTCHA Checks We’ll check that any on-site captchas, including registration and contact forms, are working as they should and not clogging up the system with spam.
  • Customer Behaviour Tracking We’re partnered with a leading provider to monitor the user journeys of real customers. We will also be able to see heat maps for how your users are interacting with your site. This provides insight into where customers are dropping out of your sales funnel and helps us suggest improvements to maximise conversion. It’s also extremely useful for diagnosing any bugs that customers might report, as we can see exactly what they’re seeing.
  • Bug Fixes Bug issues are something you never want to meet when running an ecommerce store. Bug Fixing includes but is not limited to:
    - Fixing issues/bugs in both Frontend and Backend.
    - Fixing Web Server and Magento-related issues.
    - Fixing ERP/POS or any other 3rd party module related problems
  • Tutorial Access Our collection of tutorials is designed to provide helpful content for the dayto-day running of your site, allowing you to spend your hours with us on new and exciting developments. We will provide you with helpful ‘how-to’ videos on some of the most important functionalities of your platform. If anything is missing, just ask!
  • UX/UI Design Audit Having a great website design is vital for a great-performing e-commerce business. If the user journey is complicated, this can affect conversion rates, which overall impacts revenue. As part of our Gold support package, one of our in-house designers will provide a written audit of the current user experience and make recommendations for changes/improvements that could be made. They will then create 3-5 pages of mock-ups to show the new layouts with the suggested improvements applied.
  • Competitor Analysis Every quarter, your Account Manager will review one of the websites of your top 4 competitors and provide a detailed analysis. This will include an overview of your competitor's design and functionalities, product line focus, sales, and discounts, omnichannel sales and other marketing activities, all with the aim of providing you with new recommendations to keep your site in line, or even better ahead, of your competition.
  • Report Each month you’ll receive a report detailing the work that has been undertaken on your site in the month previous, along with a selection of recommendations from our team based on insights from third-party tools and established best practices. This report will be signed off by your Developer, Development Team Lead and Account Manager.
  • Development Hours Within your subscription you’ll have a balance of development hours for the 12-month Term to use however you choose, including for design tweaks, module installations and new features. Your Account Manager may also make suggestions for improvements based on recommendations from our team. Any excess development hours used within will be charged additionally at a discounted hourly rate in line with your chosen package. Any unused hours will not be included in your renewal.
  • Monthly package cost**

**subject to working hours Monday-Friday, and National/Bank Holidays. Please refer to Terms & Conditions
**all rates subject to VAT for UK businesses

Our Website Maintenance Services

Website Enhancements

Website Maintenance

By adding new pages, removing old or broken links, improving images for speed optimisation and upgrading technology such as plugin updates, we ensure your website is enhanced and always up to date and your website security is the best it can be. Our website maintenance service is available across all of our website maintenance plans, whatever your budget or complexity of your site.

System Upgrades to CMS

CMS System Upgrades

Our experienced website maintenance team can upgrade your system to the preferred Content Management System that suits your business and helps to deliver fresh content regularly and timely for your visitors and search engines. Our website maintenance plans each provide the reassurance that your systems are always up to date.

Security Updates and Improvements

Website Security Updates

Our website support team ensure regular and continual security updates for improved performance and output. Website security issues always need to be monitored and nipped in the bud to evade hackers and ensure your data and code is safe. The latest security patches will be immediately applied for your peace of mind. Although less of a concern for WordPress websites compared to an eCommerce website, security should always be paramount.

Up to Date Content & Theme Updates

Up to Date Content & Theme Updates

Our website maintenance service also ensures website owners have fresh, relevant and high quality content to boost search engine rankings so that buyers can easily find them. Installing the latest theme updates to your eCommerce website or simpler WordPress site will make sure no bugs or shopping issues for your visitors. chilliapple is a website maintenance company that can be relied upon to care as much as you do.

Website Backups

Website Backups

Our maintenance services team will carry out uptime monitoring and offer simple and easy backup services that ensure your website can recover quickly in case of any unexpected issue. We are here to support clients. Our website support packages ensure that your online business keeps on running, whatever the challenge.

SEO & Analytics

SEO & Analytics

Our search engine optimisation and Google analytics experts review and mine data on a monthly basis to provide you with suggestions for better customer engagement. A regular SEO health check is a popular option from our range of website maintenance services and website owners can be reassured of their site's performance when it comes to their marketing campaigns and SEO.

What our clients say

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your support contracts valid for?

Each support package is a 12-month term.

I have several websites. Do I need a support package for each?

Our Account Management team will be happy to discuss options with you if you have more than one website. If your site is utilising multistore functionality, there is an additional cost of £150+VAT each month per additional store

Can chilliapple still work on my website if I don’t have a support package?

Yes, we have another support option available called ‘Development Block Hours’. Ask our Account Management team for more information about this service.

Can I make changes to the site myself?

You’ll still have full control over your site’s Admin section, as you do currently, to update site content. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to make development changes or install new modules yourselves. We’ll handle all changes in our development environment which you can check before deployment.

Can I cancel my package?

We’re confident you won’t want to with over 95% of our clients renewing our web maintenance services. Each contract is a 12-month term that cannot be cancelled during the term length. If you do not wish to renew for another term, please get in touch with your Account Manager with a minimum one-month notice period.

Can I upgrade my package once it starts?

Yes, with one month’s notice at any time. Just speak to your Account Manager!

Can I downgrade my package once it starts?

No, packages cannot be downgraded during the 12-month term

This sounds great, how do we get started?

Please liaise with our Account Management team regarding your chosen package, and they will supply you with the relevant terms and conditions, and signatory documents and will start the onboarding process.