Our AngularJS Development Services

Familiar with Angular since its launch in 2010, we are one of the most experienced Angular JS development agencies in the UK, known for our no-nonsense approach and powerful Angular builds. Our proficient team of developers & consultants take care of all your specifications to deliver the exact design & performance your project requires.

UI/UX Development


The user interface and experience have a direct influence on your sales conversions and the SEO rankings of your business. Your audience needs to trust you and their shopping journey is paramount. Our skilled team of UI designers & Angular developers create intuitive and engaging designs while keeping usability at the heart of the build.

Web Portal Development

Web Portal

Google likes a web portal to have browser consistency, error handling capabilities and a minimum loading time. Knowing how important search engine optimization is for your online business, our team of Angular engineers write stable code with bundling & compression techniques to decrease the loading time & deliver you a super-fast and optimal web portal.

eCommerce App Development

eCommerce App

80% of online UK shoppers prefer to 'Tap to Pay' method, highlighted by Statista in a report that global mobile commerce could reach £2.56 trillion by 2024. To prepare you for this growth in demand, our AngularJS developers combine Angular with other back-end technologies to develop a robust e-commerce app for any device your customers prefer.

Real-Time Solutions & Data Streaming Apps

Real-Time Solutions & Data Streaming Apps

Building real-time solutions & data streaming applications requires an interplay between several complex database and networking technologies. For a scalable app that performs with minimal latency, you can trust our Angular experts to employ flexible yet powerful frameworks and build responsive real-time solutions that keep visitors engaged.

Customised AngularJS Development


According to CDW, businesses today incline towards custom apps to boost their efficiency, but delivery and performance is hindered by lack of knowledge or choosing the wrong software. Our Angular developers with over 10 years of experience research, plan, and then build an app that aligns with your services to deliver extraordinary return on investment.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance &

Site downtimes & improvements delays hit businesses hard and mean customers don’t return and, worse, tell others of their poor experience. Our team of certified business managers and Angular experts know how important it is to keep your online business running and so offer quick fixes and maintenance solutions as well as post-delivery project support.

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Why AngularJS Development

  • The only framework supported by 'Google' itself

  • Saves development time with real-time testing

  • Simpler to understand & faster to code

  • Extreme protection from unauthorised access & outer attacks

  • Promotes code re-usability for developers

  • Creates excellent single-page applications

Along with AngularJS we also use


SQL/NoSQL Databases

State Management

Testing Framework

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