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What is a dedicated team model?

When you need extra software development professionals for at least a month and prefer to hire on a loan basis rather than as permanent employees, a dedicated team model is an ideal resource solution. The service provider can also offer a dedicated project manager to enhance communication between you and the outsourced development team. The hired individuals usually work from the service provider’s office.

Benefits of dedicated developers

  • Certified, experienced engineers on tap

  • Secure web development environment

  • Hiring dedicated developers is flexible

  • More cost effective resource and quicker hiring process

  • Daily reporting & direct control of your remote team

  • Robust online project management tools

  • Direct communication with your dedicated developers

  • Increased productivity from dedicated software developers

Which hiring model?

We get that each business has its own distinct challenges, vision and strategy. Whether you need a full time, part time or on demand resource, chilliapple has a choice of hiring models to suit you.

  • Hiring Model
  • Hiring PeriodHiring Model:
  • Man HoursMan-Hours:
  • communicationCommunication:
  • BillingBilling:

Need dedicated developers?

Why hire a dedicated developer or team?

Lack Specific In-House Software Development Expertise

Lack Specific In-House Software Development Expertise

Can’t Find Suitable Local Developers in Time to Hit Deadlines

Can’t Find Suitable Local Developers in Time to Hit Deadlines

Require Extra Software Developers to Support Growth

Require Extra Software Developers to Support Growth.

Need to Minimise Internal Operational Costs or Save Money

Need to Minimise Internal Operational Costs or Save Money.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Dedicated Developer Model?

A dedicated developer business model is an agreement between the client and service provider where the latter provides software development professionals to the client on a long-term basis. These specialists are chosen according to the demands of the client for their experience and skill sets.

How is chilliapple's dedicated model different from overseas outsourcing?

Our dedicated model means you pay a UK registered business with agreements between us covered by UK law. Alongside our certified developers, you have the option to access our UK based account managers. For annual contracts, your dedicated developers can come and work in your offices for one week.

Who is responsible for the QA under the Dedicated Developer Model?

The developer is responsible for checking the quality of the work but ultimately the client is responsible for the QA.

How do I directly communicate with my dedicated developers?

Developers use email, project management tools such as Basecamp and Skype chat and calls.

Do you focus on new apps or can your developers work alongside my other developers to add features in existing codebases?

Our developers are completely flexible and can work on new apps or existing code.

What is the notice period on a dedicated developer contract?

Any contract up to 3 months requires a 1-week notice period. Contracts over 3 months in length have a 4-week notice period for our dedicated developers.

Can I find developers with expertise in a specific technology or programming language?

As an established web development agency, you can expect a full range of expertise in technologies and programming languages to suit all projects.

What qualifications do your developers have? How can we be sure their work is of high quality?

All our developers have BSc in Computer or Software Engineering and are specialists in web app software. Many are also certified in specific platforms such as Magento and undergo continuous ongoing training.

What measures do you put in place to avoid conflict of interest if you have clients from the same competitive sector?

As a reputable business, we have firewalls in place to ensure code is kept secure and not shared beyond the dedicated developers assigned to your project.

What dedicated development service options do you offer?

We offer full time, part time or on demand (in blocks of 50 hours) hiring models.


What if I’m not satisfied with the performance of the engineers?

Our dedicated developer model has in place as standard a continuous review process to ensure our developers are meeting your expectations. A dedicated project manager is an additional option to enhance communication should you prefer. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the output of one of our developers, we would want to understand how to urgently fix things for you.

Can I hire developers for one project?

Yes, you can choose to hire a developer for one project as long as the hire period is for at least one month.

Can I hire just one developer?

Yes, some clients only need one developer to supplement their in-house development team or one of our senior engineers to manage less experienced developers.

What types of companies use your dedicated developer service?

Our dedicated developer clients are varied in size, growth stage and industry. For example, some of our start-ups in the medtech or healthtech space need experienced developers on tap they can hire quickly whereas other clients are growing and need one or more developers to supplement their existing established development team. Our developers can work across any industry and at any stage of a business’s growth.

Why should I hire dedicated developers from chilliapple?

chilliapple has been established since 2008 and it understands the importance of continuous training and certification of its developers. With developers in India and account and project management in the UK, our clients hire extremely skilled and experienced engineers at a fair price with back up from a local team if they need it.

Do you allow developers to come to your offices and work with our team?

Clients that hire our developers on an annual basis find it useful to have our developers in their offices for a week. However, it very much depends on the needs of the client and the complexity of the project.

Do your developers stay up to date with the latest technology?

As a successful web and app development agency staying up to date with technology is part of our DNA. We ensure all developers are trained ready for their next assignment.

Do your developers work in the same time zone as us?

Our developers are based in New Delhi and are flexible with their working days to accommodate the needs of their clients.

Do all your developers speak English?

English is of course important for project communication but the right programming language for you is essential.

What about security?

chilliapple and all its staff work to the highest standards of security to protect your data and business.