Bowo Adejuyigbe

Bowo Adejuyigbe Account Executive

I am very interested in technologies whether that is the new iPhone or watching another keynote from Apple. I like seeing what is under the hood of what makes things work, and curiosity is very important when working with apps and technology as a whole, as there is a lot of research involved to understand how to build these complex systems.

Whilst reading my BA in Media Practice, I learnt how to design and implement creative pieces of art – audio or visual. I also developed the skill to come up with creative solutions to meet complicated briefs. In Media Practice you have to pay attention to the user’s experience of the media piece whether it is audio or visual. In the same way with a Mobile App you have to understand the user flow, and how the different elements of the app create an engaging user experience. 

Whilst at university, I planned and designed my own T-shirts, visualising how to bring that product to market and researched how to sell on apps like Etsy and Depop. I also created my own eCommerce store to sell T-Shirts I had designed.  In this store, I had to consider the look and feel of the online purchasing journey. The importance of a smooth user experience with no blockers is crucial to the sales performance and that tangible experience of design and testing has really helped me to appreciate what makes a successful Mobile or Web App.

At chilliapple, I have worked with a variety of app clients including in the health and fitness arena, inventory management for letting agencies and a staff training app. Mobile and Web Apps as a blog topic is interesting because it is a field that is constantly developing. There is more to think about when you’re making an app compared with a website. Cost of entry is higher so you need to be sure of your concept but the reward can be that much greater when you deploy a live application on the App Store and download the app to your phone.

I’m starting to be an expert on the differences between hybrid app technologies such as Xamarin / React Native and native app technologies such as Swift (for Apple iOS) and Kotlin (for Android). Hybrid technologies allow just one app to be developed that can be compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Native technologies allow you to build apps specifically for either Apple or Android devices, allowing you to utilise individual device functionality (such as specialist cameras, Siri, etc). I will enjoy sharing my knowledge and new trends with regular blogs and hope they help online businesses to make the right decisions when it comes to development choices.

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