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Helena Marshall Head of Client Services

If I were to go on Mastermind, my specialist subject would be Harry Potter – I know that book inside out. The same goes for Game of Thrones. I know a lot of trivia that some may think is unimportant or not relevant to the plot, but I know which number is punched into the payphone to get to the Ministry of Magic, and what are the official words of House Tully. For me, I love knowing the details, and it is the details that make the difference for succeeding online. I apply the same passion to learning about how to succeed online and delve into the details with as much relish as re-reading my favourite books for the umpteenth time.

My Biology degree from University of Southampton has given me the tools to analyse data and think critically. Both skills are essential when faced with online challenges, as you need to analyse and interpret data from Google Analytics, PPC, conversion rates, etc, and then come up with strategies based on that data for how best to move forward towards the desired outcome.

When working at an independent furniture retailer, I oversaw the development of their first ecommerce website, which gave them an online presence for the first time and allowed them to broaden their market nationally rather than locally. Being instrumental in that process of building an ecommerce website from scratch taught me a lot and gave me a great foundation of knowledge on how to succeed online. I then co-founded my own business that specialised in content writing for online publications. These reached millions of viewers, and taught me a lot about online strategy, and how to succeed using PPC and ad campaigns. We also wrote blogs for SEO, so the technique to include keywords naturally and organically in written content was developed there.

I have been a member of the team at chilliapple since 2018, so have been involved in many successful projects that have enabled our clients’ businesses to grow and flourish online which I feel proud and privileged to be a part of. The online community is so rich and has so much potential, the world really is your oyster. I get a real thrill to see businesses succeed, and really enjoy being a part of that process. I enjoy enhancing my skills and applying my knowledge to help clients enjoy their online success.

I hope my blogs on How to Succeed Online will be welcomed advice and information for businesses of any size and at any stage of their digital journey.

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