Account Manager

Jade Fisher Account Manager

I think it’s fair to say that being online is a huge part of my daily life, often leading to countless hours spent scrolling through social media or online window shopping. I often find myself browsing through sites as a pastime without the intention of making a purchase. This has allowed me to have a first-hand experience of a wide range of websites, showing how different sites operate and what I do or don’t like about my experience as a user. With constant updates in an ever-growing online world, I find my experiences have a significant impact on my purchasing choices, which is something I am excited to bring to my role as an Account Executive here at chilliapple.

My time at Bournemouth University studying Sociology and Criminology was a fantastic experience, helping shape my academic life into my working life. Studying Sociology helped me understand how we can relate to other people and the importance of building positive relationships with others. This has helped me in my professional journey as an Account Executive as I recognise the importance of connecting with my clients so that they see me as an extension of their own business. Every website poses its own unique challenges, and so having clear lines of communication and understanding between myself and the client is pivotal to success.

Whilst working previously in marketing and sales, I started my journey into discovering the true depth of work that goes on when developing and maintaining a website. During my role, I helped develop an ecommerce website to improve the online presence of the site and the user experience of my own customers. Having previously worked on the client side and knowing the importance of a well-developed and supported website, I am now able to offer my own experiences and insights from both perspectives, giving me a great advantage when helping my clients.

Since starting at Chilliapple, I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to develop my skills by completing my Adobe Magento Sales Accreditation with a look to undertake further accreditations in the future. I have also attended the Meet Magento 2022 conference to develop my knowledge of ecommerce even further.

I consider myself very lucky to already work alongside a variety of clients, all with different needs and expectations for me to manage. I have been involved in server migrations, platform upgrades, and website enhancements to name a few, all of which have been incredibly gratifying to have been a part of when I get to see the positive impact they have had. I have always considered myself a problem solver, so getting to oversee a project from start to finish and witness the results has been an extremely rewarding experience.

I am excited to continue my journey at Chilliapple so I can provide the best level of support to my existing, and future, clients.

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