Lauren Collings

Lauren Collings Key Account & Business Development Manager

I really enjoy online shopping…. I find it strangely relaxing. You could say that I have a harmonious passion for fashion. I enjoy scrolling through online retail sites and marketplaces and it’s interesting to look at competing brands and how they are continually building their brand image, online journeys, promotions and marketing. It’s fascinating to see how digital brands within fast-paced industries can stay one step ahead.

I studied Business Studies at University, I loved it. It was suitably broad but with chosen modules that were in depth. The E-business module allowed me to learn about the importance of psychology when it comes to building and fine-tuning websites.

I’m proud to have started on my Adobe Magento Accreditation journey by being awarded a Commerce Sales certificate and am working towards the Adobe Business Solution accreditation next. This will really help me to better support clients who choose the Adobe platform. I was also invited to be a guest speaker/pundit for a Pure Clarity podcast to discuss E-commerce Trends 2021/22. Expect to see a blog all about such trends soon!

Whilst at chilliapple, I have already overseen many Magento projects including migrations, upgrades, performance and user journey enhancements as well as working closely with clients on Support & Maintenance packages. It has been rewarding to see the positive impact such projects have had on the performance of websites and ultimately the increase in average order value, revenue, sales and traffic. Every single website is different and comes with its own challenges and to be able to use data analytics to prove the project’s worth is so satisfying.

Dare I say that it is actually fun to analyse a site’s data! Accurate and comprehensive data throughout an online journey means I can give recommendations to my clients based on what is influencing their customers’ purchases, or what might make it more likely for a sale to be converted.

I also attend seminars and expos to learn from e-commerce experts. Hearing the latest trends and discussing with others in the industry helps me to add something extra to my blogs.

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