Lewis Woodhouse Account Executive

Let’s make my ‘hobbies’ sound as mature as possible. I have a passion for the realms of imagination, strategy, and creativity. I possess a certain flair for constructing intricate Lego masterpieces, plotting strategic moves on the chessboard, and commanding armies in the Warhammer universe. When I’m not immersed in architecting building block worlds or plotting grand tactical manoeuvres, you’ll find me delving into the depths of sci-fi and fantasy worlds through books and movies.

Sport has always been a large part of my life. I played rugby for 25 years, with the highlight being a cup final win played at Twickenham for the University of Brighton 1st team in 2012. Unfortunately, my rugby playing days are behind me now, and while I enjoy watching rugby, football, F1 and many other sports; golf is the only competitive sport I play now. When I say competitive, I wear golf shoes and look the part, the scorecard is a discussion for another day.

I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2024. Upon graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary School PE Teaching, I taught in Brighton for five years. Teaching is a profession I loved, however, the hours of actually teaching were depleting year-to-year. It was for this reason I decided to leave teaching and look to start a new career in Marketing, specifically, within the video game industry. I built a career working with companies like Electronic Arts, Netflix, Saber Interactive and Embracer Group. I worked as a self-employed marketing consultant and campaign manager in the video game industry for five years, until I decided to take my knowledge and experience and move into a more permanent position. Enter Chilliapple.

I joined Chilliapple in February 2024 as an Account Executive. I’m excited to take my experience in campaign and brand management and bring it to the eCommerce industry. I thrive when sifting through data and analytics and set myself very high standards when it comes to my attention to detail. I look forward to growing into the position with Chilliapple and building on my skills and abilities.

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