chilliapple IT Director

Vipin Aggarwal IT Director

Where there is tech in chilliapple, you will find me. I have always admired innovation, while I must admit, I have an affection for ergonomically designed websites and web apps. For some, It is merely a beautifully crafted website, but for me, it is a sign of professionalism merged with art.

I could literally spend hours scrolling tech advancements and creative tech work. Added with some traveling, these are my hobbies and a way to stay on top of the trends.

I have studied B.Tech in Computer Science and completed a post-graduate diploma in business analytics. Though I started my career working as a Junior PHP developer, I kept putting the right foot forward (thanks to my mentors) and completed nearly 19 years in tech development and the IT service sphere.

At chilliapple, I am working not just as an IT director who manages the holistic development operations but also with our marketing & sales team to get more clients on board, resolve their queries, and assist their clients through my technical finesse.

Besides, I also collaborate with our business analysts at chilliapple. We strengthen the project pipeline, refine the process, optimize the approach, and ensure successful project deliveries on time and within budget. Having managed a broad team of diverse developers, I still love spending time with fresh minds and our JR colleagues. Sharing my learnings with them and helping them grow their skills is one of my favorite parts of a regular working day.

Coding helps me fuel my dopamine rush, and so are the new methods to techify our projects. I will keep sharing whatever new I get to know and all my combined tech knowledge through chilliapple's blog posts. Stay tuned!

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