Why Choose Hyvä Themes as Your Next Magento Frontend Solution?

Why Choose Hyvä Themes as Your Next Magento Frontend Solution?

Ever since the launch of Magento, the online eCommerce platform has revolutionised the development of digital stores. The Magento platform offers various handy features necessary to launch successful digital stores for retail and wholesale businesses. The CMS has several stunning designs and themes that can be customised according to specific business demands and target audiences.

Although there are hundreds of design themes to choose from, Hyvä is a brand new option for building the Magento front end, developed with the Magento templating system. It offers a refreshing take for businesses looking for immersive storefronts. While traditional Magento themes do the job, they fail to build engagement and brand values for the users.

Online stores nowadays need to be fast, screen-responsive, and interactive to build shoppers’ engagement. Chilliapple Magento agency understands the significance of such features, and we have joined hands with Hyvä to help retail shops launch successful online stores.

In this article, we will uncover the major impact of the Hyvä Magento theme and how we can help you leverage it to its maximum potential.

What are Hyvä Themes?

Hyvä is a collection of Magento-based themes offering rich functional features for building frontends. It comes with several handy extensions and reliable support. Online stores built with Hyvä can achieve excellent speed performance and deliver high UX to customers.

Benefits of Using Hyvä Themes for Magento Stores

  • Simple to Use

The Hyvä theme has been developed using the PHP templating system and can be integrated into the Magento frontend solution. This maximises ease of use for the Magento developers implementing business logic into online stores.

  • Focused on Enhanced Performance

Online stores with Hyvä themes offer higher performance than progressive web apps and Luma-based digital shops. Hyvä themes leverage optimum features of the Google search engine that help any Magento store achieve good visibility over the search engine result pages (SERPs). So, unlike the default Luma theme, Hyvä offers the significant benefits of search engine optimisation, which boosts website performance.

  • Faster Launch of Online Stores

The abundance of handy features helps an E-commerce agency build digital stores with Hyvä Magento themes quickly, offering faster time-to-market ideas. This also reduces the development cost of the digital stores.

  • Developer Friendly

The amount of code to be written by a developer for building an online store can be overwhelming. For example, painting a picture over a typical Magento theme requires stuffing 200+ JS/CSS resources. This means a lot of work with individual JavaScript files & CSS.

In contrast, Magento Hyvä themes can do the same job with just 2 JS/CSS (JavaScript and CSS files) stuffing. Typically, Magento developers can code quickly using this theme. It has also eliminated issues causing libraries like RequireJS, Knockout, and UI Components.

  • Thinking of using the Hyva theme for your Magento website?
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  • Thinking of using the Hyva theme for your Magento website?

Chilliapple Agency Using Hyvä Themes

As a customer-focused Magento agency, we at Chilliapple are open to emerging technology trends. We are now an official partner of Hyvä, which allows us to build seamless interactive online stores for our existing and new customers. Our developers tailor the best online stores using Hyvä themes.

Our Magento-certified developers craft beautiful digital stores matching the client’s target audience and business industry products/services.

We have observed two significant benefits of Hyvä themes:

  • It has a simple architecture with an out-of-the-box super-fast foundation for high and reliable performance. This provides greater flexibility to our developers in developing business logic into the themes. Our fronted design team can create stunning and immersive designs for clients in a hassle-free way.
  • The themes have adopted several modern technologies like Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS, providing a simple learning curve for implementing front-end designs. Moreover, Tailwind CSS is among the most renowned frameworks, and Alpine.js is similar to vie.js in use, which eases frontend development.

Wrapping Up

Hyvä themes offer a clean architecture for building appealing front-end designs. Using Hyvä, we can tailor modern digital stores for your retail shop. Our Magento developers can customise business-oriented features that boost your online store’s adaptability and conversion rate.

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