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The client, EC4P has been furnishing their services to their clients across the globe via their app by the name of EC4P. An SAAS powered app built on Laravel 5, the app has been a hit among the users. ChilliApple was approached by the client to implement a testable queue system to furnish multiple processes of the app including Mailing, CRON Jobs and Reporting. The functionality integration task was to be completed in accordance with the ASWS queue system. The new functionality will ease down the load on the server and ensure optimised and quicker operations.


  • Utilise all the elements of the Laravel system to integrate a queue system allowing the client to execute timed functions.
  • Improve the server response by utilising all the elements of the Laravel powered app.
  • Integrate a function (CRON) to send out email reminders on a daily basis for the deadline to all the relevant users.
  • Add a function (CRON based) that would create new deadlines as per the user responsibilities and assign them to the users on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure timed reminders to the users regarding newly created deadlines.
  • Inculcate a functionality to send emails with information about transactions that have been initiated from user interactions
  • Integrate a function that would add a user to “SendInBlue” mailing list upon successful submission of the registration form.
  • Ensure reporting and handling (using Bugsnag) of any errors on an urgent basis.
  • Employ QWS SQS instance with multiple queues to judiciously attend to the different cases.
  • Include a Laravel supervisor to detect and quickly restart the failed queues
  • Inculcate a robust testing mechanism to ensure that each process is optimally utilising the queue.

Platform Used

Platform Used


  • Detailed Analysis
  • CRON Functionality Integration
  • Timed queue system
  • Judicious Development Strategies
  • HTML Standardisation Tools
  • Optimised Operating Capabilities
  • Dedicated Resources

Our Strategy

The main objective of the project was to integrate a queue system into the Laravel based app and ensure time-bound actions. Further, a feature was also to be included that would send email notifications when specific functions are triggered. Considering the requirements of the project we adopted a methodological approach where we performed a deep analysis of the app to mark the areas for optimisation and functionality integration. We assigned our development team who infused latest technological tool with their development excellence to deliver advanced CRON functionality.

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