about the project

The business requirements

We were approached by our client to produce an app so that ‘cash rich, time poor’ financially savvy individuals could manage and optimise their finances.

finco is a Personal Financial Manager (PFM) app. It’s a mobile application for users to better manage their expenditure as well as maximise their savings and investments by sourcing better deals.

The objective was to put together money management, product prompts and financial planning all in one app.

The user needed to be able to:

  • Organise finances
  • Maximise savings and investments
  • Take control of debt
  • Find better deals

The user would be able to easily create budgets and forecasts based on their incomings and outgoings data from salary bills, debt, credit card bills and savings.

Once the user has control of their finances it’s all about optimising their wealth and the app will notify them of recommended best buys for ISA’s, bonds and savings.

A third phase is planned called ‘Goals’ which will provide a personal financial health check and future wealth optimisation plan so that users can benefit from early mortgage redemption and adequate life cover.

Our solution

We first worked with the client to produce detailed wireframes in order to optimize their user journey. Simplicity was the key in the design phase and we had to ensure the user could easily add data.

The app had to have a contemporary, clean and fresh look that instilled a modern approach to personal finance, but at the same time exuded trust and confidence around the finco brand.

Prior to the coding phase, we worked with the client to produce and implement the financial logic for forecasting expenditure and budget modelling.

The app needed to work across all smart phone and tablet devices including iOS and Android, so we used Xamarin, a hybrid technology, to achieve this.

To promote and support the app we built a simple WordPress website and incorporated a product video using YouTube.

The results

The app is still in a soft launch, but it already has over 2,000 users and subscribers. A major launch is planned later in 2019 incorporating social media, PR and above and below the line marketing.

All user experience feedback has been very positive and further phases are planned later on in 2019.

Technology used

Play Store

The technical bits

  • Xamarin
  • C# and ASP.NET
  • Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio
  • HTM
  • XAML, UI controls,
  • Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Mac
  • API and Third-Party Libraries

The finished product