about the project

Business requirements

OneMedical Group is a foundation that supports local communities and is passionate about improving health and well-being and developing business innovation simultaneously. A sector that OneMedical Group is continually developing through innovation is ‘Lincus Maternity’. Lincus Maternity is a digital well-being journal to help expectant mothers manage their pregnancies, designed to help track and improve women’s well-being.

OneMedical Group came to us to support their in-house development team and to provide expertise in hybrid application development. The key requirements were to have an app that was accessible to a wider demographic and on multiple mobile devices. The previous Lincus Maternity app was built in an old version of Xamarin and used a set of APIs that are no longer viable. chilliapple was given the task to quote to upgrade the Xamarin code and update the designs. We looked into the option of transferring the old APIs over to the new ones, but due to an out-of-date structure and a largely unreadable app code, using the existing code and integrating the older APIs would have been a significant amount of work.

Our solution

Our recommendation was to re-build the app from scratch, using hybrid technology so the app was accessible on iOS and Android. The user flow stayed the same so users were still familiar with the way the app worked and the only difference for them was the design. This was the most cost-effective solution for OneMedical Group. Rebuilding the app allowed us to work on a clean code structure that made it easier to create new features and functionality. If we were to upgrade the existing code, this would have been extremely time-consuming and costly. There were also the associated risks of working on unknown bugs and unknown code.

The results

The mobile app provides an easy-to-use and interactive wellbeing portal for users to monitor the growth of their baby, get alerted on pregnancy milestones, update health records and track wellbeing, as well as add and book events through the online calendar. Video consultations and educational content is also accessible on the app for both clinicians and patients.

OneMedical Group also hire two of our dedicated developers to help support their in-house development team in managing their web application platform, where users can log and monitor their physical and mental symptoms and receive personalised health care advice from professionals. The platform can also be personalised on a need-to-need basis for any healthcare setting such as diabetes and learning disabilities.

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The technical bits

  • Xamarin Forms
  • C# and PHP
  • Visual Studio
  • HTML + CSS
  • XAML, UI Controls
  • Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android
  • API and Third-Party Libraries
  • Multiway video integration using Frozen Mountain SDK (WebRTC)
  • Chat system during the video call
  • Functional calendar that integrates with Caldev server

The finished product