about the project

The business requirements

We had already designed and built the Pawtrack website to integrate geolocation positions from a cat tracking collar into the client’s website. Cat owners are able to view their cats’ movements by signing into their account on the website.

Due to the success of the collar it allowed our client to further invest in the product. However, despite a responsive web design, the tracking experience was limited to the desktop.

Owners wanted to view tracking from their mobile devices. We therefore suggested we build a native iOS and Android app to improve the user experience.

Our solution

The Pawtrack app had to display the cat’s location in a clear and concise way and we created three customer options to view the collar’s tracking history:


Collar and tracking settings could all be managed from the app. It also allowed the owner to set up geo-fence boundaries and notifications.

An essential feature for the user was to be able to share the cat’s daily adventures with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. A permanent record of activity could also be selected for a time period and downloaded with the data sent as a CSV file to the owner’s email address.

We recommended that we build the app in Native iOS and Android as it offered the most robust and scalable solution. This required two app developers and a QA tester but the investment was well worth it.

The results

Results were instantaneous!

Most subscribers upgraded or renewed their subscriptions. Subscribers were using the share facility for Facebook and Twitter. Links were being shared and posts liked – an SEO agency’s dream.

And then there was the story of Rolf the Warwick University Campus Cat. Prior to wearing the tracker collar, he had 5,000 followers on his Twitter page. Since the introduction of the collar, there are now 17,000 students following him and tracking his nocturnal movements around the campus. Rolf’s heat maps are displayed daily on Twitter.

Technology used

app store Play Store

The technical bits

  • Native iOS and Native Android
  • Swift.
  • Apple Xcode
  • iOS SDK
  • Android Studio
  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
  • Java Development Kit (JDK)

The finished product