about the project

Scent Perfique is an international B2B fragrance house supplying home fragrancing and cosmetic products.

The business requirements

Scent Perfique is an international B2B fragrance house supplying home fragrancing and cosmetic products. Their existing WooCommerce website was creaking under the strain of over 250,000 product variations, making it unbearably slow for staff to add new products or process orders. Customers had also complained of difficulties making purchases at the front-end, resulting in lost sales.

Our solution

We proposed a migration to Magento 2, which provides a more scalable database structure through its setup of simple and configurable products. After reskinning the site with a new theme we set to work on a customised Master List solution to solve the site’s administrative problems. The site Admin can now create a list for any product attribute that doesn’t impact price or stock, such as ‘fragrance’ which is applied to the products on an order-by-order basis in the warehouse. Staff can apply these lists to each product, so that customers can select from a range of fragrances and colours via dropdowns. Essential order details such as payments and quantities are logged in the back-end, but attribute variations bypass the Magento database and go straight to the warehouse with the full order information, ready for manufacture and dispatch.

The results

The move to Magento 2, in tandem with the custom Master List solution, reduced the number of products in the database from over 250,000 to a far more manageable 7,000 whilst offering the exact same range to the customer. The site became much lighter and faster at both the front and back-end, with the site administrators able to add new variations to entire product ranges in a matter of seconds. Previously this process required several hours of manual input for each product – time which can now be spent on marketing and customer service efforts.

Technology used

Platform Used

The technical bits

  • Magento 2 rebuild
  • Redesign with a theme
  • Data migration from WooCommerce
  • Database redesign with configurable and simple products
  • Page speed optimisation

The finished product