about the project

About our client

The Universal Business Team is a global consulting organisation supporting over 3,000 family businesses across 19 countries. UBT is a diversified business consultancy that supports clients with business-advisory and group-buying services, with the objective of helping businesses develop a competitive edge. It provides a range of business advisory, coaching, consulting and training programs and leverages its group buying power to ensure customers can access products and services at competitive prices. All of profits are invested into a higher purpose – education and charity work. UBT needed a flexible approach to hiring developers where resource could be added quickly and on a contract basis with a guarantee of experience and professionalism.

How we make a difference

UBT needs flexibility so that its changing development demands can be quickly satisfied. One of our senior engineers manages some of its inhouse developers and provides additional capability and knowledge to the company’s own development resource. This means that UBT can spend more time on future proofing with the reassurance that accurate and fast change is a given.

Qualifications & skills

  • BSc Computer/ Software engineering
  • Specialist in web app software
  • Skilled in project management tools
  • Experienced in communication tools

Typical tools used

  • Basecamp
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Trello
  • Google Sheets
  • Jira

The finished product