about the project

The Versapak Group is a UK based company with subsidiaries in Europe and a worldwide distribution network.

Business requirements

Versapak, established in 1973, manufacture a wide range of reusable tamper-evident bags, pouches, and security seals. With their Headquarters based in the UK, they have a worldwide distribution of their products, with branches across Europe and Canada to help keep up with the demand. For over 45 years the company has been manufacturing and supplying Tamper Evident products for a wide range of industries, including the banking, medical, retail, aviation and secure logistic industries. In recognition of the high standard and quality of supplies to the Royal Households, Versapak has a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen.

Our solution

We recommended Versapak to upgrade their site from Magento 2.2.1 to the latest version at the time the proposal was approved (2.4.0). We collated the relevant details and information required to proceed with the upgrade, whereby we provided the client with a full list of modules and bugs that needed fixing in order of priority. All essential modules were repurchased by the client, to ensure that the modules were up to date with the platform upgrade. Their old site was copied on to our development site, where we completed the upgrade and fixed any bugs that appeared. It was a smooth and successful deployment.

Versapak then onboarded with us on our Bronze Support Package to continue working on developing their site. Whilst on our Bronze package, chilliapple helped revamp their payment process, making for an easier user journey. We also integrated Stripe as a payment method as part of the development of their site. Since then, we have kept their site upgraded to the latest version of Magento to maintain the security and functionality of the site.

The results

Since onboarding, Versapak have upgraded their support from our Bronze package to our Silver Support Package to enjoy more benefits such as security scanning, SEO Health Checks and payment gateway checks. We have recently looked at new ways to improve their site through suggestions from their Account Manager such as enabling Apple Pay and Google Pay via Stripe, installing a smart search function, and adding a search bar to the megamenu, with increasing conversion rates and improving bounce rate at the forefront of all suggestions.

We are also delighted to now look after the Versapak Germany site on our Bronze Support Package, providing the same great level of support to two of Versapak’s worldwide sites. We look forward to continuing to grow with Versapak.

Technology used

The finished product