Our Magento support services

Magento 1 & 2 Support

Magento 1 & 2

Now known as Adobe Commerce, our Magento 1 and Magento 2 experts promise uninterrupted support and quick maintenance solutions.

Magento Store Migration

Magento Store

Whether you’re using WordPress, Shopify, or any other platform, we have a proven record of successful Magento migrations with no risk to data, privacy or search engine rankings.

Magento Version Upgrade

Magento Version

Magento often receives new upgrades with performance tweaks and security strengths. Being an Adobe Solution Partner, we make sure our clients receive early store upgrades to the most recent version.

Magento Security Patches & Outage Recovery

Security &

From long before cybercrime increased by 600% since the Covid-19 pandemic, our Magento experts have been ensuring safe & hack-proof ecommerce from Adobe's updated & premium security patches.

Magento Code Review & Bug Fixing

Code Review &
Bug Fixing

Brands can fall from grace due to a tiny bug ruining their entire site's shopping experience. Our Magento certified developers regularly scan & fix any bug or code before it causes issues for our customers’ online stores.

Magento Commerce Support


Thousands of stores every day fail to win the competition battle. Our Subject Matter Experts empower your Adobe Commerce business with personalised strategies for an enhanced online presence.

Magento Website speed optimization

Website Speed Optimization

It only takes two seconds for a visitor to leave a site if a page doesn’t load. Our Magento experts optimise your site to ensure it operates swiftly for both your visitors and Google.

Magento Module Integrations

Search Engine

We know the importance of search engine rankings for an ecommerce business. Our SEO specialists apply the most effective techniques to maximise your position on Google and drive the most relevant traffic to your store.

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Why Magento support with chilliapple?

Being an Adobe Solution Partner agency for over 4 years, we specialise in helping our clients to master their Magento business. Our direct contact with Adobe leverages the most recent updates, features, secret growth hacks, consultations and limited-edition deals.

Chilliapple clients can focus more on their day-to-day businesses and strategies whilst our official Magento certified developers concentrate on upgrades, optimisation, custom and security solutions and instant fixes for their Adobe Commerce stores.

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Merlin Workwear
Merlin Workwear

Merlin Workwear

I would recommend Chilliapple for Magento, especially multiple shops.



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Why Choose Chillapple?

  • Certified Magento developers and the UK's experts.

  • Founded in 2008 with a team of over 70 specialists.

  • From £50 per hour. Higher prices are simply unfair.

  • 30 days free support post launch.

  • A no-nonsense approach with a focus on delivering on time and budget.

  • Hassle free development process.

  • Transparent & clear communication at every stage.

Chilliapple's added benefits

  • Less time on maintenance, more time for business

    While our Magento experts efficiently handle your routine back-end tasks, you are free to focus more on your business.

  • Decreased Expenditures, Increased Revenue

    When you work with Adobe solution partners like chilliapple, you have access to exclusive knowhow to boost revenue and lower expenditures.

  • Robust Security, No Cyber Worries

    Our Magento developers perform regular scans to identify & eliminate any vulnerabilities to keep your business & customers safe.

  • Happier Customers, Higher Profits

    Your visitors become your loyal customers when our Adobe Commerce experts make your website’s UX seamless, flawless and easier to use.

  • Secure Data, Trusted Agency

    Chilliapple's 13+ years of trust is built on its professional attitude towards its clients and ability to keep their data, privacy and information safe.

  • Better Performance, Stronger Brand Awareness

    Your website's performance & shopping experience defines whether your customers will remember you and keep coming back. When our proven methods of development improve your store’s performance, your business becomes a place customers will return to.