5 Benefits & Tips for Choosing Shopify Partner Agency in 2024

5 Benefits & Tips for Choosing Shopify Partner Agency in 2024

An abundance of Shopify agencies is both a blessing and a curse. You need to inspect several options to determine which partners are seemingly the best for tailoring your online store. This is both an exciting and tedious job, but finding the best fit proves rewarding in various ways.

An official Shopify agency who is partnered with Shopify Plus can help you build a functional and appealing online store. The question arises: Why choose official Shopify partners, and with so many options, how do you find one that fits the bill?

The process begins with examining the Shopify agencies’ portfolios and shortlisting the best one for your online business objectives. Before you begin the hunt, let’s cross-check a few vital factors.

Who are Shopify Agency Partners?

They are Shopify agencies with extensive knowledge of the Shopify Plus platform and have signed up for the Shopify Partner Program. Such a Shopify agency can have a small or large team of Shopify Plus experts with varying skills and knowledge. They can cater to the needs of clients looking for eCommerce services and also provide ongoing support.

At chilliapple, a Shopify agency who is officially partnered with Shopify Plus, we tailor solutions with theme personalisation, API integrations, ongoing support and also help with marketing activities like branding, SEO and consultancy solutions.

As official Shopify Plus partners, we are adept at best practices and using standard technology tools to build digital stores with immersive user experiences. We are proud that we provide ongoing support for Shopify Plus, with a dedicated Account Manager to help you with all your Shopify Plus needs.

Here are 5 Benefits of Choosing a Shopify Partner Agency

1. Comprehensive Platform Knowledge

Specialised Shopify agencies are well-versed in the front-end and back-end workings of the Shopify Plus platform. Their immense wealth of knowledge as Shopify experts helps to avoid both silly and fundamental mistakes as they can implement vital eCommerce website design tips.

This means the right Shopify agency can help you make optimum use of the Shopify Plus eCommerce platform. For example, a Shopify agency will know the principles behind smooth navigation, quick checkout, securing customer data and product page conversion optimisation which help to make the most of the Shopify store.

2. Implement Innovation for your Online Business

An experienced Shopify agency can help you devise and implement innovative strategies for building a digital store with high customer engagement by optimising the user experience (UX). They can also perform in-depth marketing through studying customer data and identify the latest technology trends that help boost sales and revenue. Additionally, an experienced team can help you smoothly integrate ideas into the Shopify Plus store through ongoing support.

3. Tackle Simple & Complex Needs

For tailored solutions, a Shopify Plus agency can help you build an all-in-one Shopify Plus store through strategic planning. This means you can tackle all your online store needs, such as inventory management, tracking sales data, increased customer engagement and revenue and order management, from a single Shopify platform.

You can also ask the development team to customise new features to fulfil unique business objectives. While Shopify Plus is a simple-to-use platform, integrating unique features can be challenging for someone lacking hands-on experience. A team of proven Shopify experts helps to resolve this issue with a streamlined development process and ensure appropriate security measures are in place.

4. Saves Money

Collaborating with a Shopify Plus Partner agency can eliminate repetitive enhancement costs like a poor domain name and lack of SEO-friendly features. They can also help you identify and integrate the best apps from the official Shopify Store to automate day-to-day activities and enhance customer satisfaction.

With their technical expertise in the Shopify Plus tech stack, they can help you build thriving online stores with great search engine rankings, and even help with your social media marketing.

5. Industry Oriented Stores

Among the various advantages of choosing a Shopify agency is that you also get to stay competitive. They can help you integrate the current technology trends and regulatory compliances based on your specialised market industry. This means you get advice and services from expert consultants to improve the user experience (UX) of your site.

When choosing partners, the focus is on finding the Shopify agency with the most ideal traits and characteristics. Overall, the Shopify agency’s ability to deliver your project requirements with a well-functioning online store plays a pivotal role in the final selection.

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Tips for Finding the Best Shopify Plus Partner Agency

1. Prior Experience

One of the key attributes to look for in the Shopify Plus agency is the years of experience. They must have a good track record of launching modern Shopify Plus stores that can prosper in the eCommerce race. Such a Shopify agency uses its hands-on experience to design beautiful stores that drive user engagement, sales, and revenue.

2. Budget Considerations

Different Shopify agencies follow various pricing methods and can provide estimates based on the project requirements. While comparing rates, do not get tempted by low quotes that might be an incomplete picture of the full task required. Rather, ask for accurate estimates that consider all aspects of your ecommerce store requirements.

3. Technically Proficient Team

You want to choose a company with a team of skilled developers. This involves evaluating the individual portfolios of the team members and scanning for required expertise. You can also look at prior projects to examine the quality of eCommerce projects delivered by the Shopify Plus agency.

4. Transparency in Communication

Another key trait to look for is the Shopify agency’s communication style. A company that provides multiple communication channels and prioritises transparency can help you escape anxieties and feeling overwhelmed.

Asking questions about company procedures, NDA policies, deadlines, and deliverables can help you assess the quality of services being offered.

5. Flexibility Offered

The Shopify Agency partners must offer the desired flexibility to the eCommerce project. Determine whether they will take prior design approvals and keep you up-to-date with project advancements. Also, determine whether they will cater to the special requirements of your eCommerce business and customer preferences across the customer lifetime.

The Best Shopify Plus Agency: In Summary

chilliapple is a trusted Shopify Plus partner agency that works for diverse business industries. Our collaboration with Shopify Plus is focused on providing high-yielding Shopify Plus services to eCommerce clients.

No matter what your marketing niche and target audience requirements, we can help you with your Shopify Plus online store.

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