Composable Commerce, Digital Trends… and Pigs At Meet Magento 22

Composable Commerce, Digital Trends… and Pigs At Meet Magento 22

Our Account Management Team (Helena, Lauren, Jade, and Sian) recently attended Meet Magento 22. The Pandemic may have curbed chances to network and develop in the last couple of years but not even the national rail strike could stop them this year!

Meet Magento UK is the UK’s largest community-hosted event for merchants, developers and Magento partners who work with Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. Helena and her team hoped to learn useful tips and gain insider knowledge to better support chilliapple clients.

The key trends include

    • Personalisation is key to attracting and keeping customers
    • Digital interactions are a bigger influence than in-store experience
    • There is an Increase in website visits before buying
    • Consumer are choosing brands that match their own values and conscious.

The team learnt a little more about Composable Commerce, the development approach of selecting best-of-breed commerce components and combining or composing them into a bespoke application specific to the business’ needs. This ultimately improves performance, flexibility, scalability, and time to market.

There were various talks attended and subjects ranged from getting the checkout experience just right, how customers navigate retails sites, maximising conversion through to the value of older customers. There was also some pig drawing!

Although the travel to and from the event was reminiscent of the film ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’, overall, it was a day well spent with some good takeaways to share with clients and the rest of the chilliapple team.

Whatever your eCommerce platform of choice, we are here to help you to maximise your online performance. Call us.

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