Flutter 3.19: App Building Simplified

Flutter 3.19: App Building Simplified

Flutter 3.19 is now officially live and presents a range of fantastic features such as a new Dart SDK (software development kit) for Gemini, a dedicated widget to add fine-grained control, tools for integrating deep links, and much more. This release aims to provide Flutter developers with greater freedom in tailoring bespoke mobile apps.

Flutter 3.19 merges 1429 pull requests with several breaking changes in the user interface kit. This blog allows developers and tech savvy website owners to appreciate the new features available with the latest Flutter release notes. Beware: it’s jargon-heavy and for those among you who don’t need a glossary!

11 Key Features of Flutter 3.19

  •  AI Integration with Gemini Models

The most promising feature of the latest Flutter 3.19 version is the google_generative_ai Dart plugin. Developers can trust it to integrate generative AI features into Flutter apps using Gemini models with a stable channel.

The technology integrates the Gemini API with an idiomatic Dart interface, further simplifying tailoring smart cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and other operating systems.

The plugin powers the mobile app with trending AI capabilities like text generation and summarization in the Flutter project.

  •  Scrolling Improvements

Flutter 3.19 provides you with enhanced scrolling behaviour with several bug fixes. Earlier, the user interface faced problems like moving the content twice as fast with a two-finger scroll. The latest Flutter 3.19 version lets you configure the default Scroll Behavior to deploy consistent scrolling speed.

The bug fixes resolve crashes in SingleChildScrollView and ReorderableList. The two-dimensional scrolling pauses when users drag or tap during scrolling. Additionally, the TableView widget in the two_dimensional_scrollables package now supports merging cells and provides a more appealing outlook.

The new release features several more enhanced scrolling possibilities compared to the Flutter 3.7 update.  

  •  AnimationStyle 

Flutter developers can now entrust a modern AnimationStyle widget to tailor personalised animation behaviour. This works on several widgets, embracing MaterialApp, PopupMenuButton, and more.

For example, you can tailor the animation curve and time for a popup menu with the latest widget. This is possible because the widget lets you override the default animation curves as well as durations.

The overridden animation curve and durations look like this:

popUpAnimationStyle: AnimationStyle(
curve: Easing.emphasizedAccelerate,
duration: Durations.medium4,

You can also wholly disable animation by:

retur MaterialApp(
themeAnimationStyle: AnimationStyle.noAnimation,)
  •  Adaptive Switch

This component of Flutter 3.19 can alter the UI to coincide with the native outlook of iOS and macOS platforms but pursues the Material Design style over other operating systems.

Additionally, the Adaptive Switch component is independent of the Cupertino library, which helps to offer consistent UX across multiple platforms while using the same application program interface.

  •  SemanticsProperties Accessibility Identifier

Flutter 3.19 comes with a handy accessibility identifier in SemanticsProperties. The identifier is accessible on both the iOS and Android platforms and spans the engine as well as the framework. The labels appear as follows:

    • For Android: As resource-id in the accessibility hierarchy
    • For iOS: It is set as UIAccessibilityElement.accessibilityIdentifier
  •  Impeller Progress 

Flutter upgrade 3.16 released Impeller for Vulkan-enabled Android devices, which accounts for 77% of Android-based devices. The impeller worked fine but needed several performance enhancements. Flutter 3.19 aims to resolve such performance issues by pitching in with requisite optimisations.

The latest performance enhancements incorporated in the impeller rendering engine aim to provide users with smooth visuals besides quick rendering. On top of that, bespoke Flutter apps can provide better responsiveness and performance with Flutter 3.19.

  •  Windows Arm64 Processors Support

Developers can also utilise the new Flutter 3.19 release to tailor apps that run on Windows devices with Arm64 processors. The release aims for outstanding platform support and provides extensive opportunities for Flutter web app development projects. This facilitates the development of apps that gain on Arm 64 architecture to provide Windows users with a captivating user experience.

  •  Deep Linking Web Validator Tool

The earlier version of the UI kit failed to provide a smooth setup for integrating deep links. The Flutter upgrade team has resolved the error by introducing the validation tool. It provides an ideal method to replace dead link issues and also dispose created image objects for those links with ease. The tool is active in validating the content and generating the required code that streamlines the development process.

  •  Performance Enhancements

Flutter 3.19 provides users with key performance optimisations aiming to enhance the type interface, seamless animations, and much more. This will assist a development team in creating interactive and responsive mobile apps. The prominent performance enhancements are:

    • Specialisation constants with an enhanced type interface and also upgraded code generation.
    • Backdrop filter speedups that can assist developers with crafting neat animations.
  •  DevTools Updates

The new release of the Flutter user interface kit has several enhancements to Devtools. The update team has introduced new evolutions that allow enhancements to the leak tracker with brilliant precision in memory leak detection and handling of several Flutter-specific scenarios.

Ultimately, developers get their hands on an upgrade leak tracker that streamlines the leak identification and resolution process for boosting app stability. This helps to fix memory leaks in less time by properly resolving leak tracking test failures.

  •  Flutter iOS Native Fonts

With the Flutter 3.19 upgrade, programmers can directly integrate native iOS fonts into the Flutter mobile apps. This means a development team can access an extensive range of fonts to enhance the application content’s visibility over iOS devices. Furthermore, direct integration of fonts means a better authentic appearance of the cross-platform application.

Key Fixes in Flutter 3.19 Release Notes

    • Developers can personalise the NavigationBar indicator overlay and utilise the fix indicator shape with the new release.
    • Fix chip widgets are not applicable to the available iconTheme.
    • Fix doc TODO is available with the new release.
    • Developers can also add command line parameter for leak tracking.
    • The bump template for Android, as well as the integration test Gradle version, has been added to 7.6.4
    • The release lets tool integration tests quit on SIGINT.
    • It does not eliminate Test cover cupertino for memory leaks and also the fix Opacity Layer.
    • Flutter developers get a helpful error message for instances when ColorScheme.brightness fails to match ThemeData.brightness.
    • The usable fix date picker dialog content remains invisible on the lower text scale section.
    • The tests can be tailored to be extensively resilient to Skia gold failures as well as refactor flutter_goldens for extensive technical debt removal.
    • Developers can utilise the tiny improve code style by using records in place of lists.

The Latest Flutter 3.19 in Summary

Unlike previous versions, this version is geared towards simplifying app-building processes. In simple words, the Google-powered technology has made it easier for Flutter developers to craft bespoke cross-platform mobile apps.

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