Shiptheory enables merchants to ship 5-10x faster and save up to 7 hours daily. Its advanced features, such as rules-based shipping and real-time shipping rates, ensure cost-effective and efficient shipping operations. Shiptheory's user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support make it the preferred choice for businesses looking to optimise their shipping processes.

Shiptheory connects retailers to 70 global carriers and 90+ eCommerce, marketplace, ERP and OMS platforms. Customise your shipping operations to run in the background seamlessly by eliminating the need to log into separate carrier portals.

Shiptheory works with Chilliapple to enable retailers of all sizes to have a streamlined and seamless workflow from start to finish. Chilliapples' attentive and easy implementation and Shiptheory's seamless shipping will automate your workflow instantly, saving you time and money.

We often get asked 'what vertices can you work with?', the answer is ''Any!!''.

From coffee companies to healthcare brands to clothing brands or to DIY companies, we do it all. One of the many household names we work with is ScrubDaddy. Starting off as a total success on Shark Tank to now being the sole distributor for some of the largest supply companies in the world, we are so happy to be part of scaling Scrub Daddy’s Shipping Operations. We have also helped one of the first pet food subscription businesses automate their shipping process, saving them the equivalent of £10,000 per year.

Most loved features

  • International shipping

    International shipping support with a cross-border compliance tool

  • Set it and forget it

    Set it and forget it - let Shiptheory fit into the background of your workflow

  • Pick, Pack, Ship

    Pick, Pack, Ship - Barcode Scanning

  • Fully customisable

    Fully customisable returns suite

  • Include AI-generated

    Include AI-generated handwritten notes with shipments

  • Green Shipments

    Green Shipments - automatically offset your carbon footprint

  • Integrated Labels

    Integrated Labels

  • Address Validation Automation

    Address Validation Automation

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Pricing Model

Shiptheory initially offers a flexible 14-day free trial with no contract. Users can upgrade or downgrade their plans anytime to accommodate seasonal business demands. There are no extra fees or hidden costs for onboarding or support.

Ship more than 20,000 shipments each month?

Not a problem - get in touch to discuss a personalised payment plan suited specifically to the needs of your business.

*SLA displayed is first response during business hours 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri.

**ERP and OMS software integrations are only available for users on a Saturn plan and above - click here to learn more.

***Returns pricing for Earth plan and above refer to our customisable Returns Portal - basic printed returns labels are available on all plans. Learn more here.

We offer live Platform Demos

Watch pre-recorded Demo Here : play-icon Click Here for Platform Overview

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