Personalising eCommerce Shopping Experience with AI in Adobe Commerce

Personalising eCommerce Shopping Experience with AI in Adobe Commerce

In a world where customers nowadays expect consistent, contextualised, and real-time personalised experiences across all channels, delivering such experiences remains a challenge for many eCommerce companies. Rather than having a clear path to success, many adopt standalone tools to fill gaps in their customer experience, which often results in complexity and lacklustre experiences. Moreover, the shortage of talent and resources in the current economic climate makes it difficult for enterprises to deliver effective personalisation at scale.

According to a survey, 74% of companies lack the full range of in-house talent necessary for this. To overcome these challenges, businesses can leverage the powerful AI and out-of-the-box features offered by Adobe Commerce, making personalisation easier and more effective. With Adobe Magento Commerce, the possibilities are endless. This dynamic commerce platform provides the flexibility and scalability to create personalised B2B and B2C sites.

With the help of this guide, discover how you can enhance your commerce experience with Adobe Commerce’s AI-powered capabilities by efficiently implementing personalisation best practices.

The Challenges faced by Retailers

Customers yearn for a level of acknowledgement that transcends a mere customer experience. In fact, personalised and human interactions have become the cornerstone of successful eCommerce, as evidenced by the staggering 90% of consumers who have been positively swayed by it. Despite its proven efficacy, many businesses struggle to integrate personalised experiences into their operations. Limited resources, technological and data constraints continue to impede retailers from offering truly real-time personalised experiences and maximum growth.

Data challenges: The intricate nature of commerce data makes it difficult to use practically. Issues arise when attempting to gather across channels, study, connect, and employ data effectively to create consumer profiles, which are necessary for customisation. As a result, many businesses fail to use their data in real time or encounter barriers when trying to do so.

Technology challenges: Disconnected or outdated systems do not possess the necessary abilities to integrate data throughout the entire enterprise seamlessly. This leads to valuable customer data being scattered across multiple applications, including a third party marketplace, without being effectively utilised. Notably, most businesses lack the technological infrastructure to support their overall strategy.

Skills challenges: To achieve personalisation, it is essential to have skilled personnel at one’s disposal. However, the shortage of qualified professionals proficient in areas such as AI, analytics, and development, among others, often leads to operational inefficiencies and subpar customer experiences. Businesses today lack in-house talent with the expertise to implement effective personalisation strategies across channels.

Remember that fixing these problems shouldn’t be a task. Utilising AI technologies to handle these aspects can facilitate effective personalisation that ultimately results in higher conversions and revenue.

Adobe Commerce can help.

Why choose Adobe Commerce? Leverage Adobe Commerce for a customisable eCommerce experience that lets you personalise your customers’ buying journeys at every step. With AI-powered features, you can activate customer data to personalise product discovery, content, and promotions. This personalisation is crucial as consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they receive personalised experiences. Thanks to tools such as Intelligent Category Merchandising, Intelligent re-ranking, Product Recommendations, and Segment-specific content and promotions, Adobe Commerce can increase your conversion rate by up to 10 times and the growth of average order values by up to 9 times.

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The Solution – Personalisation with AI

AI has revolutionised personalisation in eCommerce and made it more accessible for any business. Even without a strong AI strategy or expertise within your IT organisation, you can use AI features embedded within Adobe Commerce. By utilising these features of Adobe Magento, you can fully tap into the power of personalized experiences and create a product discovery strategy that streamlines the browsing journey for shoppers and matches them with products that best suit their needs.

To extend your basic browsing with the help of AI and optimise your eCommerce business for greater success, you should follow the below-mentioned best practices:

  • Identify and get site search right

Achieving a seamless site search experience can significantly expand conversion rates for online retailers. Statistics reveal that nearly half of website visitors utilise on-site search and are twice as likely to purchase than non-searchers. However, it is important to note that a poorly executed site search can result in missed opportunities for sales.

To address this challenge, Adobe Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei offers advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver search results that align with customer intent. Its Result-As-You-Type feature enables customers to see immediate results as they type and can even account for common typing errors. Additionally, Live Search’s use of synonyms allows for non-standard search terms, ensuring that customers can find products even if they don’t use the exact keyword. In addition, Intelligent Search Results Ranking allows for personalised search results based on customer behaviour and search text.

Algorithms determine the most relevant products, while continuously adjusting the rankings in real time. Multiple ranking options include Recommended for You, Most Viewed, Most Purchased, Most Added to Cart, and Trending.

Recommended for You: Suggested personalised recommendations based on your current and past browsing and purchase history.

Most Viewed: Products that have been viewed the most within a specific period.

Most Purchased: Comprises of products purchased with the highest frequency within a particular time frame.

Most Added to Cart: Determined by analysing the frequency of product additions to shoppers’ baskets.

Trending: The trend is determined by the recent surge in popularity of a product.

  • Personalised product recommendations

Product recommendations can significantly enhance your marketing strategy and drive higher shopper engagement. Shockingly, even though product recommendations can increase conversion rates when personalised, more than 60% of businesses don’t personalise their recommendations. However, you can leverage Adobe Magento Product Recommendations, which relies on AI and ML from Adobe Sensei, to offer customised recommendations in real-time, including Recommended for You, Recently Viewed, and Customers Also Bought.

What makes product recommendations so effective?

Product recommendations are formed on the spot as shoppers interact with your website, regardless of whether they are registered or anonymous. With Adobe Commerce, the system can learn about your customers’ behaviour right from their first click or tap and use that information to personalise recommendations over time. You can easily deploy and customise recommendations by dragging and dropping them on your homepage, product details, cart, and other parts of your site. Using product recommendations, you can boost your eCommerce revenues and deliver a superior shopping experience to your customers.

  • Enhance engagement with interactive rule-based content 

Adobe Commerce provides a powerful feature called Dynamic Blocks that allows you to build highly customised and engaging content for your customers. With Dynamic Blocks, you can create two-way content that is closely linked to commerce necessities such as customer segments and price rules. This means that you can easily tailor your content to specific customer groups and deploy it across your site wherever it is needed.

By placing dynamic content blocks on your website, you can offer your customers a personalised shopping experience tailored to their needs and preferences. Additionally, you can connect content blocks to related promotions, which are automatically applied to the cart, making it easier for customers to take advantage of your offers.

  • Deploy personalised deals and price promotions

eCommerce brands must design and implement customised promotions in real time to entice customers to shop online rather than in-store. This will appeal to consumers seeking ways to stretch their budgets amidst inflation, or who live too far from the physical store location and seek easier access to otherwise hard-to-find products and services.

One way to achieve this is by utilising Cart Price Rules in Adobe Commerce. Your Adobe developer can assist with setting up these rules. These rules allow discounts to be applied to items in the shopping cart based on specific conditions you determine. The value can be automatically used or activated by a valid coupon code, which will be displayed under the subtotal in the cart. Cart Price Rules can be modified as needed for a promotion or season by adjusting the status and date range.

To Sum Up

Elevate your B2B and B2C conversions by implementing centralised and AI-driven experiences with the capabilities of Adobe Commerce. Deliver compelling, relevant and tailored experiences with ease. If you seek adept assistance with store development, integrations, or extensions, chilliapple can help you. Our team of skilled Adobe Commerce developers are here to lend a hand with Adobe Experience cloud solutions and personalized commerce. Get in touch with us today!

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