chilliapple Is Thrilled To Become A Magento Solution Partner!

chilliapple Is Thrilled To Become A Magento Solution Partner!

During the last 10 years at chilliapple we’ve worked on many open source ecommerce platforms, offering a range of features and benefits.

In our experience Magento has always stood out from the crowd because of its scalability, flexibility and search engine friendliness, making it the leading ecommerce open source web platform on the market.

It’s recently been given an upgrade with the release of both Magento 2 Community and Commerce (formerly Enterprise) platforms. It has super-fast loading times, a better and improved admin interface as well as an improved customer experience.

We’re therefore proud to have signed a Solution Partner agreement, firmly pinning the chilliapple colours to the Magento mast. This has required significant investment on our part as Magento requires all Partners to have completed formal training and certification on Magento 2 Community and Commerce platforms for at least 5 developers. Partners must also play an active role in the Magento ecosystem of retailers, developers, designers, conferences and Magento host providers, sharing both knowledge and experience.

As only one of 350 Partners world-wide we feel we’re best placed to advise start-ups or growing businesses, no matter their size, on what is the best ecommerce solution for their needs and budget.

Lately, we’ve had numerous conversations with store owners running Magento 1 about migrating to Magento 2 (M2). Our advice to them is overwhelmingly to make the upgrade to M2. Not only will their stores be more secure and cheaper to maintain but there are so many advantages in speed and usability that returns will be quick and profitable. As a qualified Magento Solution Partner we’ll save store owners time and money.

We’re delighted to act as Magento’s Partner across South London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

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