iGiGs – Node.js Powered Web Application

iGiGs – Node.js Powered Web Application

In today’s technological era, the Internet plays a major role in global communication, business, economy and media. Smart technology has created a paradigm shift in the business performances across the world. Nowadays, web presence has become a predominant element in every business. Many successful businesses have got a web application to enhance the performance of their website and boost their business presence among various users across the globe.

Web apps are considered to be an effective way to streamline the business process. It supports business owners to manage online businesses smoothly and ensures more productivity.

The web-based applications offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Multiple platforms Operating
  • Safe and secure network
  • Easily customisable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and access

These benefits of web applications attract many businesses towards web application development to expand their reach among the clients.

Why Use Node.js?

Node.js has become renowned for its performance in developing and scaling enterprise-level apps. This resource also encourages a collective approach to development, permitting front-end and backend components of a project to be written in one programming language and granting a joint group of JavaScript specialists the opportunity to collaborate.

Developers primarily use it to create non-blocking, event-driven applications and servers because of its single-threaded and real-time push architecture. Furthermore, it is ideal for traditional web application backends and APIs. Here are a few reasons why you might choose Node.js for web application development.

  • Scalability

Node.js enables developers to construct software solutions that grow alongside their companies with minimal effort. Utilising microservice architecture and containerization empowers organisations to increase their scalability and agility.

  • Performance

The remarkable performance capabilities of Node.js, enabled by Chrome’s V8 Engine, made it an appealing option for many enterprises.

  • Microservice

Node.js’ microservice architecture makes it a highly maintainable platform. By breaking a codebase into smaller, more manageable parts, its upkeep is much easier than managing a single bloated codebase.

  • Usability

Optimising and expediting web application development can be achieved with Node.js due to its microservice architecture, utilising a single programming language for both frontend and backend and its access to millions of libraries through NPM to serve specific development objectives.

Project Objective
We were assigned to develop a Node.js web application that would allow the user to pay and acquire access to the iGiG videos library. Considering the project requirement, a dual approach was followed where both the development and support teams would work simultaneously.

Our team of skillful developers followed a systematic approach. We performed a complete analysis of the iOS app and prepared a blueprint highlighting the features and functionality to be integrated. This dynamic web app would help the client provide a platform to the users where they can easily purchase high-quality videos. In turn, this would also boost the UI/UX experience of the app users. Post development, the web app was tested on various parameters to ensure zero bugs and robust performance.

End Result
With this manageable web app, the client has been able to provide a rich user experience to the app users that have helped establish themselves as a strong brand in their market segment.

Final Words

If you are searching for a reliable and secure means to build a web app for your business, chilliapple is your best bet. Their talented team of developers and designers guarantees the complete safety and confidentiality of each project. 

Connect with chilliapple to give your business a winning edge.

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