Maximise your e-commerce potential with Magento

Maximise your e-commerce potential with Magento

Launching your own business means that you need to make sound decisions – without them, you could be costing your business rather than investing in it. The world of e-commerce is also a bewildering place but there is a powerful system that could see you and your brand achieve the levels of growth that you need: Magento.

A flexible system, Magento offers you many opportunities to customise your online store to make it work for you and your customers.

Working for you

There’s not many aspects more important in a stock-orientated business that knowing exactly what levels of stock you are holding – both in terms of monetary value and on an item-per-item basis. Magento can be integrated into your stock control and accounting systems to create a seamless structure.

Using marketing tools, such as discount codes and vouchers, to attract customers is a critical part of any online business, but it must not come at cost to brand or reputation. Magento can deliver, even under complex discounting circumstances.

Unlike many other types of website, like WordPress or Joomla, Magento was developed to meet the needs of

e-commerce. This means that core functionality includes aspects that can only be added as plug-ins on other systems. Magento allows you to connect more meaningfully with your customers through customer segmentation, CMS and a newsletter facility. Popular with many e-commerce customers is the ability to make their delivery options work for them – Magento offers bundling options to meet customer demands.

But can it return on investment? Magento is all about online selling and goes so far as to build in cross selling option and upsell capabilities to maximise your opportunities when you have a captive and ready-to-spend audience.

How Magento can work for your customers – without them being aware…

A perfectly designed and easy-to-use website doesn’t cause much of a stir among today’s online shoppers. However, a slow site with abysmal UX will get talked about – for all the wrong reasons.

Magento is fast – very fast. With impossibly quick page loading times and data retrieval, Magento can match even the most impatient of customers.

Get in touch to discover how Magento can work for you…

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