The ultimate mantras for a killer mobile app design

As a business manager here, I’ve always seen my app developers creating engaging mobile apps. Many times, clients ask what the formula or the strategy we use. The reality is that there are no set formula or steps to create a killer mobile app, but there can be many considerations. After a long discussion with my app development team last Friday, I came to the conclusion that there can be some basic things which one should essentially keep in mind while designing a mobile app. I would like to share these mobile app designs tips with you:

  • Focus on the grid: On a mobile screen everything appears on a grid. So while designing keep in mind this grid as it can be a great guide to you.
  • Elements should be defined once: Every design has certain elements which need to be used again and again. So you must set the look and feel once and then stick to it. For example if a Buy button appears in orange on your app, then it should be the same on every page.
  • Use colors on the basis of a brand: When you think about Coke instantly the color red and white appears in your mind. If they were to develop an app using green or blue, it just wouldn’t go with the brand image. Therefore you need to keep the colors of the brand intact in the app, so that customers can easily connect.
  • Color sets the hierarchy: Never underestimate the power of the color as it plays an important role in the user experience. By using the same color with different shades, you can set hierarchy for the options being provided. Work with the color as much as you can as it will help you achieve the correct importance across the pages.
  • Keep the latest trend in mind: Design is a field where trends keep on changing. Therefore, a great app UI is the one which incorporates these trends.
  • Fonts are equally important: If you are going for native applications, then keep the fonts in mind and stick to them. Avenir Next is the iPhone standard and Roboto is the Android standard, try to use them as it will make your app more user friendly.
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