NativeScript integrates with Angular JS for mobile apps

NativeScript integrates with Angular JS for mobile apps

There is a great news for mobile app developers! NativeScript – Telerik’s open source platform for developing native cross-platform mobile apps – has moved to a 2.0 release that integrates with the planned AngularJS2 Web development framework.

Although NativeScript doesn’t need the support of AngularJS, it offers a better experience when used together. You can reuse both code and skills needed to develop native mobile apps as it features deep integration with Angular 2. It authorises both JavaScript and TypeScript, and employs native components along with direct access to native APIs for iOS and Android development.

Dan Wilson, Product Marketing Manager for Telerik, states, “NativeScript 2.0 [gives] the ability for the Angular community to reuse their Angular 2 code base, or at least standardize on Angular 2 for both Web and mobile”.

Integration between Angular 2 and NativeScript is packed with dynamic features that advance the function, ensuring Android applications load quicker. Simply put, AngularJS2 is nothing but a rewrite of the framework.

NativeScript Product Manager, Valio Stoychev states, “The next major feature in terms of performance will be to allow background execution for tasks that do not belong on the main UI thread”. He further added that “This will help in certain scenarios like image decoding or doing complex calculations using JavaScript only”.

There are several reasons that support the use of Angular with NativeScript:

  • The major reason to use Angular with NativeScript is that one can conveniently reuse JavaScript npm modules and native iOS directly in NativeScript.
  • NativeScript delivers high-performance mobile apps with Angular that provide rich user-experience with truly native UI.
  • Angular, with NativeScript, provides all things necessary to build perfect and conceivable NativeScript apps.

NativeScript supplies windows support and advancement in the work as well. Valio Stoychev states “We will be introducing significant improvements in the performance of our hot reload functionality, allowing you to preview the changes in code in less than a second on the device”.

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