Why use Node.js for building eCommerce applications?

Node.js is a ideal platform for developing robust applications. One of the most well-known example is Walmart, the multinational retail corporation, which has decided to use Node.js for their mobile application.

Here are some of the reasons why Node.js for ecommerce app development is worth considering:

  • The ability to support hundreds of concurrent transactions is what makes it ideal for supporting mobile applications that have a high influx of customers. The asynchronous event-based process is the reason behind the rising popularity of Node.js eCommerce development.
  • js allows the store owners to customise the content based on the type of device and browser. This saves time for mobile shoppers as all the less important information is removed.
  • js works as a viable back-end for eCommerce applications with HTML5 as a front-end. With fewer plugins and smart features, Node.js is an ideal platform to support the inner workings of your store.
  • With less switching between the front-end and back-end coding, Node.js developers can create eCommerce applications fast.
  • However busy your site is, the amazing scalability offered by Node.js allows you to deliver satisfactory shopping experiences even when you have peaks in site traffic as a result of special events such as sales or the festive season.

There are many famous brands that trust Node.js. Paypay, one of the most well-known worldwide systems for internet payments, relies on the platform to enable its users to transact with each other online quickly and easily in more than 100 currencies. As explained by Jeff Harrel, its Senior Director of Payments Products and Engineering, “Node.js helps us to solve this [boundary between the browser and server] by enabling both the browser and server applications to be written in JavaScript. It allows us to understand and react to our users’ needs at any level in the technology stack”.

Another well-known brand using Node.js is eBay. It offers consumer to consumer and business to consumer internet sales services across 37 countries. Node.js helped them to maintain live connections with the server to that the application was as real-time as possible.

So, if you are planning a new mobile application, consider Node.js.  Our Node.js applications development team have years of experience in building the best mobile apps to help your business reach a wider audience.

If you would like more advice, chilliapple would be happy to give you a free consultation for you to consider all the options.

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